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Belt CP Flight #31 +32 - Longer blades and crash #10

Posted 05-09-2009 at 07:33 AM by nasukaren

For the longest time, I was flying on 315mm wooden blades. I hadn't even noticed that they were shorter until one day it seemed odd. They must have been floating around my spare parts box.

In any case, these woodies had lasted a pretty long time, through thick and thin. A small blade strike during flight #31 snapped them finally. Replaced them with 325mm and put in a new feathering shaft. Took the opportunity to 90 / zero out all the controls.

The remainder of flight 31 and flight 32 went very well, the BCP is back -- finally back stable again.

Belt CP Crash #10 Damage
1x Main blades
1x Feathering shaft

BCP broken parts running count: 5x Main rotor blade set; 4x Flybar; 5x Main Gear; 4x Feathering shaft (Align style); 3x Feathering shaft (BCP OEM style); 3x Servo Gears; 2x Tail Rotor Front Pulley; 2x BCP OEM Control linkage; 2x Main shaft; 1x Tail boom; 2 x Tail Boom supports; 1x tail rotor main casing; 1x Main rotor control link; 1x Tail blade; 1 x Tail Blade holder
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