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E325 Log

Posted 09-12-2013 at 11:25 PM by nickyd
Updated 09-13-2013 at 07:07 AM by nickyd


Adjust blades much looser so they can be just about shook down 5 degrees or so. Apply grease to blade root/grip area.Done

Loosen tail blades a little. Done

Back off pinion to main gear a little.Done

Move down collar on main shaft to remove slight up/down play.Done


Reduce damping gain on elevator to 1/3 hiller gain as advised on forum to help lower head speeds.

Go pro fitted for first time.

Video shaky. Could this be feathering shaft….??

Change feathering shaft. POST Flight NOTE: Old feathering shaft (Now in bits box loose, is definitely cause of vibration).

Adjust tracking half turn using spirit level. Blades medium tight.

Check swash level and zero pitch.ok

Use ice 50 bec output for camera 5v power with y-harness.


Go pro mounted at nose with stiff Velcro 400/400 (type with balls on end).

Video : No shake at all. Slight jello. Almost perfect.

Notice blades slightly out of track ( orange high )


Mount gopro on zeal/Plate/Velcro 400/velcro270.

1st flight lots of jello.
2nd flight lower orange blade half turn : still jello but less.
Yesterdays results were better.

Try lower headspeed as above and much worse results.

Need to try solid (magnetic) mounts (use speed tape to structure)


Camera mounted on magnets. Still jello but better than last time.

Next test:

1. Try video mode 3 (60fps)
2. magnets with blue-tack…..
3. play with tracking.


Camera on magnets and blutack.

Still jello (slow wave on outer part of video)

Notice blade tightness was uneven after flight.

Try 720p and 1080p with youtube deshake. Jello removed, but video resolution seems not as sharp.


· Change blade tightness: Done, slightly tighter
· Play with tracking
· Change main-shaft : DONE 14/11/12
· Centre camera lens to frame

increase deadband . may stop servo jitter and the odd tail twitch.

fit ds95i to tail.

feb 2013

main and auto gear resetup to run without wobble.
two spare main and auto gears also set up.

go back to gorilla gear as original skids have shake on spool down.

change top main shaft bearing

fit new 335 maverikk blades.


Fit Gaui X5 Landing Gear

Replace tail grip hub. Replace outer bearings in tail grips for new ones. Replace inner bearings in tail grips and check they are smooth.

Reset Blades tracking to zero degrees at mid stick and equal pitch at 0, 5, 12 degrees using new digital pitch gauge.
Set within 0.2 degrees (1/2 turn on link = 0.2 degrees).

Order laser beam pointer (5mw) to use for blade tracking.

Not tail blades have 1 to 2 mm tracking issue when spinning main blades by hand. New tail blades ordered.


Flight. Smooth with very fine vibe seen on tail and skids. Mess with tracking but cant see it well. Finish with dot side up one turn.

Vibes at 1.0 on sk-lcd (peaking at 2 or 3 on analysis. Fore aft on head and tail.
Video side-side roll axis shake – rubbish.


Change feathering shaft.
Old feathering shaft is now in bits box in original packet. Should be okay but since video is shaky worth a try. This shaft has had no crashes so very strange.
Notice that head has some up down play at blades grips – seems a bit loose but may be normal?

Re-route wiring internally to tidy it up.

Close up pinion to main gear mesh with paper as spacer test.


Replace Dampers and re-vaseline head. This removes any play in the head. Notice that brass washers were on backwards in head.
Fit new KBDD tail blades.
Cover wiring with black sheathe.

No visible tail vibe.Much Improved. Occasional twitch (logging is on).
Less skid shake on spool down.
Photos sharp but dark at 1/2000 (was dusk).
Video is still blurred.

Need to try new camera settings. Need to try foam on skids.
Gov gain reduced from 40 to 30.


Set LX3 as per PM on RCGroups

Shutter Priority set (S)
Shutter speed set to 1000 (advised 640 on rcgroups and 2000 on hfreak)
asa 200 (should be 100 for sunny day)
white balance AUTO
AF Mode H
Pre-AF Caf
Stabilizer Mode 2
Shoot at 3:2
Metering centre spot bracketed

Fit wire isolation mount to LX3


New 40c batteries arrive

Test Flight.
Photos at 640 shutter speed mostly good but some blurred.
Wire support loosened but video still blurred.
Windy and see slight tail oscillation – maybe needs gain upped.

Wire support loosened again for lx3 mount.


New Main Shaft
Level Swash using tool
New Main shaft bottom bearing
Head Bearing grease
New Tail shaft
Replacement tail case bearing (was a bit gritty)
New Tail grips
New Tail grip bearings – all



Blades well out of track after leveling swash – retrack blades

Slight tail oscillation – try lowering tail gain and cyclic gain and gov gain, but no difference. Notice a little slop in tail grips- retightened when returned home. Now no slop. Tail gain returned to 27.

Cyclic gain set to auto adjust hiller gain.

Video playback a bit shaky/ blurred but better. Had forgot to set camera slider switch to manual focus.
Youtube the anti-shake and video looks quite smooth but out of focus.
Photos set at 1000 shutter speed and 100ASA(Sunny). Perfect results.


Need to check blade pitch for tracking using pitch gauge ( fairly confident from flight tracking that it should be perfect).
Need to check zero at mid stick.
Need to re calibrate tail.


Blade pitch adjusted with pitch gauge at 0 and 5 deg (was half turn out).
Plus 1 deg at mid stick – forgot to adjust.
Tail re-calibrated. Gives 95/135
Cyclic gains set to auto adjust hiller – leave for next few flights.
Cyclic gain locked to 40. Tail gain locked to 27. Gov gain set to 27. Cyclic rates set to 210/240.


Get good video with very little vibes. Video set to wxvga. Need to try at HD setting as not very good quality picture.

Tighten up tail links to remove any slop. Tail slider is slightly stiff at ends. Tail oscillation/twitch is virtually gone. Need to try making even tighter.

SK locks inverted on bailout and causes crash. Art confirms there is a SL bug.
I changed Logging to Playback on LCD prior to this flight. Could have been cause.
After flight , get SD card error. Have to remove SD card to format it (used Mac Disk utilities) then seems ok.

Head is now a little notchy after rebuild – need new head bearings.

Fit 5mm steel plate (weighs 55g) to SK720 ( as supplied with GPS unit apparently). May make heli tail heavy?? Used black foam tape this time.
New main Shaft fitted.
Used (but ok) feather shaft fitted.
New main shaft top bearing fitted.
New frame and base, canopy, canopy mounts, battery tray


Short hover: vibes =1.9, tail appears very steady.
Tighten up slack on tail pitch link a little.
Set gov to manage collective
Set bec output to 5.2v
Increase tail gain
Increase gov gain


Good flights with rock steady looking tail (tail links seems to like being on the stiff side with zero slop.
Video is best yet and youtube takes out the very little shake that’s there.

Loosen wire ropes 2 cm. video even better but my flying a bit wobbly,. Heli seems unstable with camera so far forward, but could be me. SL got lots of drift with camera attached. SL has next to no drift without camera
Lower headspeed of 2550 compared to 2850 makes little difference.


Wire rope support broken.
Fix solid mount to camera.
Tail pitch links – fit 4x hex headed 10mm screws instead of silver non threaded screws plus new 0.2mm washers. Adjusted as stiff as possible to remove slop but still smooth most of the travel.


SL ALWAYS ON – HAS BUG . proved with flight log that SL locks inverted.
SK720 now mounted on lighter metal block and 4 pieces of Zeal
.Vibes down to 1.2 most of flight at both 2500 and 2800rpm.

Fit HK camera skids use elastic to suspend from main frame. – video still blurry. May have been touching frame or main skids.

Look over tail and readjust torque tube looser 1mm as not spinning free enough. Hear mechanical clicking from TT gear box area when I spin main blades. Need to investigate.
No visible tail vibes or jitter. Tail definatetly likes stiff setup on links.

Slight noise in gearbox drive. Notice some slop in long plastic gear where metal shaft fits. Change plastic gear and slop gone.


Flight at 2500 and 2800 and see 0.4 on SK-LCD vibe log.

Flight with HK skids suspended by elastic . Video is vibe free but not steady due due skids swinging on elastic.

Flight – Vive =0.6 at all headspeeds.
HK Skids tight to base on foam but loose at sides of MT skids. No Blur, but all a bit wobbly and not stable enough. Good video but cloudy and wobbly.
Wire mount was at loosest setting.
Tail appears to have slow clockwise drift sometimes at hover


SK settings:
Redo tail setup using blades at zero pitch setting. Increase tail gain from 25 to 30.
Remove auto adjust bell gain setting.

HK Skids.
Add rubber to hold HK skids tight to MT Skids. Shorten wire on wire mount to give less wobble.

Heli and video is smooth at start of flight.
When coming to end of flight HK skids are vibing and video is viby??? Something changed in flight.

Vibes now at 0.9, not sure why but the heli is very smooth.
Video is perfect at 2800 . at 2500 see a wobble on video. Camera on wire mount with short wire. Foam at side of skids.

Conditions windyish. Still see odd tail twitch (may be wind).

Reduce tail and gov gain from 30 to 27 after flight.

New bearings in tail grips. Slider tight and smooth.

Fit MKS servo arm to tail servo . 95/148 with zero pitch or 130/130 with centre slider .
Email art.with these figures. He recommends zero pitch. Need to redo setup.


Reset tail cal. To zero pitch with 110/145

Forum Anthony recommends Stop Accel increase to remove tail jitter . increase to 35 (default) he has 37


Reduce position of stop on tail slider in order to redice travel as was slightly binding towards hub. Travel is now 103/138.

Increase Stop Accel to 35.

Advised to move TT bearing to 10mm off centre to reduce vibes – not yet done.


Stop Accel= 35 Tail twitch gone.

Increase tail gain to 35 and get 2mm slight wag

Tail gain at 30= zero wag at 2600 and 1mm wag (hardly noticeable) at 2800
Note that on HF Forum (Anothony1) has tail gain of 50% ( see “tail twitch” thread). Need to investigate.


Move Torque Tube bearing 10mm off centre as advised on HF Forum.
Reduce Gov gain to 25. ( At 27 checked flight and 2800 held perfect from start to end. Plus Anthony1 uses 25 on his 450).
Why vib reduces btwn flights here?


Flight 1 – test for vibes and tail twitch – all perfect. Pitch pump stable.

Flight 2 – Camera in 640 Shutter Priority – exposure perfect – sunny with few clouds – all very stable. Test vibe with LCD = 0.6
Flight without camera , rpm 2800, vib=1.2
Flight with Camera, rpm 2800, vibe=0.6

So why the vib difference????

Note from HF by Heathy: Big air sport flying will benefit from hiller decay around 100-120 and bell gains between 60 and 85. Control rates too up around 240 upwards

Need to try Hiller Decay up to 120.
Breezy 1.6 vib slight tail twitch
HD 175 loose tail links and blades . recal tail with offset on servo arm to give even throw. ( referred to as hover pitch).
Tail gain 35, start accels back to 30 default.
Slight breeze , vibes1.6 but reduice to 0.8 at lower 2600hs.
Rpms set to 2550 and 2750. Up gov gain to 30 as hs was not holding well.
Replace owb shaft and rear tt small gear. Still slight clicking noise around tail drive gear box.

Wait to test fly. If viby then maybe buy new rear tt drive shaft (17usd infinity hobby) to stop clicking.
Cyc 1and 2


Re-adjust tail servo and move arm to give mechanical zero pitch hover. Fit foam onto sk mount as works tape was loose. Fit carbon batt support.
Flight: vibes between 0.9 and 1.2 for 2750rpm . zero tail twitch. Dead still day – no breeze.


Morning flight – a little dark for video. Video shaky/blurred.

Try again at lunch with no change and video ok.
Also try with lower tail gain 25 and gov gain 20 with no difference . 2800 still best hs for video.
No noticeable vibes.

Need to try Stabilizer – off according to RCgroups quote: “image stabilizer must be off otherwise camera fights with image and it ends up really turbulent”


Morning Flight.
LX3 Stabilizer OFF. Viby at beginning of flight getting better to end of flight. Similar things reported on rcgroups about head not settling good on dampers sometimes.
Vibe on lcd=1.0. heli visibly perfectly smooth and no tail twitch.

Maybe head is not tight enough on dampers.
Need to try new bearings and thin washer and head rebuild.

Rebuild Head with new bearings. Very tight going out and extremely tight on one side going in. Grips turn smoothly but tight. Test and functions ok with little or no shudder on Spool down.

Configure Governer on ESC and disable SK Governer. Heli is super smooth with no tail twitch at all, even in a breeze. Set Motor to 12KHz ( Notice at 8KHz motor was hot and more cuuent was being drawn from battery)

Perfect video at 2600 and 2800RPM. SL on at 60. ( However SL60 is too slow for bailout)

Try HD at 175 and 140.
Try SL at 180, then 100.
Try Cyclic Gain up to 55 ( As per Anthony1 thread)
Heli is nice in flight but very loose at hover. Also notice that at some point, maybe after strong pitch inputs , the tail would go into an oscillating vibe.
Reset HD back to 75 and Cyclic gain to 40n for now.
SL seems good at 100.

Load new Firmware 3.40 and confirm that SL when inverted is now working OK.


2 Flights with settings as above. Perfect. Vibes now reduce to around 0.6 at 2800rpm( sometimes down to 0.4). At 2600rpm vibes=1.2
No tail twitch even in breeze since switching to ESC Governer.
Test with Sport flight plus few pitch pumps …all ok.
Cant get better . Nothing to improve if video remains reliable vibe free


Two perfect flights incl. foto and video. Slight judder/oscillation on tail after taking off directly in 2800 with cam on skids but land and take off and oscillation goes away.

Post flight program HD100 on non SL bankl for testing.


Two good flights except get this tail biby oscillation whilst applying pos pitch occasionally.
Head problem with forced bearings? ( Still one grip very stiff)
Or HD100 problem ( Doubt it as saw this slightly on last flight).
See swash skip a bit on the ground when inceasing pos pitch as if there was something sticking.
New grips due this week.

Tape not good on bottom of SK. Needs replacing.


Replace SK tape. HD=75. Self-tune Bell Gains Set.
Try head with old and slightly smoother feather shaft. No difference .poor video.
Replace brand new feathershaft and regrease. All smooth but slightly stiffer on one side.
Try TT shaft long and tight but vibes increase. Now approx. 3mmm play and vibes good.
Flight. Vibes down to 0.6 and all good except the osc/vibe seems to appear at the end of the old battery. Seems like Anthony1 (HF) is correct.
Vid using old battery sometimes good/poor. Need to test vid on new battery.


HD back to 100 since proved this is not related to osc/vibe at end of flights.
Bell/Hiller 64/50 after 4 sports flights on autotune bellgains.

Reduce Ice esc Gov Gain to “ Default Low 15” ( Was medium 25 which I read may cause motor to pulse)


2 flights on old batteries with low 15 gov gain on ice and all ok. No tail osc/vibe.

Mess with blade tracking as it seems slightly out. More visible on lhs of disk.

Flight: seeing vibes as low as 0.3 and up to 0.9
Reconfirm blade pitch and tracking on bench : within 0.2degrees
Vibes lower when carrying camera.

Heli smooth with zero noticeable vibes.
Video 95% good. Get occasional blur. Not perfect.
Try altering orange blade tightness in grip – tighter – no effect.
2800/2900 same video.
All blade links checked okay and straight


Try camera direct mount without wire isolator. Pack fitting on hotshoe also.
Video very blurry.

Flight perfect with no visible vibes

Fit Wire isolator and video back to near perfect . Get a strange little vibe occurring every second or so.

Latest Flight Gains Matrix.


New plastic head grips and bearings fitted. Nice and free and smooth.
Check Pitch. It is more accurate than before and manage to get both sides to zero. Gauge flickers by 0.2 degrees.
Camera Wire rope mount – shortened by 1cm from original good setting.
SK Software – Reduce Rudder deadband to 2.0 (as per default. Was 3.0)

Next Tests:

Increase cyclic gain test.

Esc gain is holding well at 15. Try reducing to 10 (may reduce any video vibes?)

Set tail expo on SK software and bank switch tail. ( Set SL bank to slower tail rate and 30 expo)
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