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SK Swash Setup wrt DS95 : Tech notes

Posted 09-17-2013 at 07:06 AM by nickyd

Dear customers,
Several customers reported that our servo does not work well with the MicroBeast. The servo might be trembled or worked feebly.
Some customers reported that the MKS servos do not work well with the MicroBeast. When the aileron and elevator working together at the same time and the pith was pushed to limitation, our servo might work tremblingly or feebly. We think the reason is that the working range was out of our servo limitation.

In the setup of the MicroBeast , we suggest you : 1. In the setup of point J (Teaching the cyclic pitch geometry), please set the cyclic pith to 6 degrees. 2. In the setup of point K(Adjusting the collective pitch range), please set the collective pitch range under 12 degrees. Under these two settings, we believe your MKS servo should be fine with the MicroBeast.
Under the previous settings, if your servos still have the trembling and out of control problem, please try to lower the cyclic swashplate limit in the point L. Please make the servo to stay in the safe workable range. (If the adjustment can not make the cyclic pitch to 6 degrees, please use longer servo arms. )
Many pilots, such as the pilots in Thailand, applied the MKS full series servo with the MicroBeast flybarless system, and they got outstanding results in many 3D competitions (such as the 3DX China).
We asked the professional pilots for suggestions, and they think it is capable to perform the 3D maneuvers under the setting that collective pitch to 12 degrees and the cyclic pitch to 6 degrees. The Flybarless system can make the helicopter to perform the full capacity; there is no need to set the cyclic pitch to 14 degrees or more.
Moreover, we are contacting the engineer of the MicroBeast and we are trying to reduce the related potential problems.
MKS will produce longer servo arms for optional purchase, please wait for our good news. We appreciate your patience in advance.

Please enjoy your flight!


I received my BEC today, I've cabled it and I will test the 450 tomorrow. I will try to make a video and post it to youtube.

The ball is at 15mm


Quote from our very own Skookum test pilot Alvin

Some general setup tips

- When setting up a new model, start with the Travel (%) at 125%

- Choose the servo arms that will get you in the range of 60-70% in the Swash Mix at the Cyclic you want. Increase or decrease the Travel (%) if needed. However I limit my Travel (%) to around 135%

- Do not worry if your Swash Mix is over 65% (I've gone up to 75% on some helis)

- If you are maxing out your Travel (over 135%) and Swash Mix (over 75%) and still not getting the cyclic you want, lengthen your servo arms. Or you will just over drive the servos

- Do not worry if your servo arms are not at 90 degree after you lengthen your servo arms

- Forget about the Travel at 100, Swash at 60/60 rule, it will not make the heli or 540/720 perform any better

So ideal setup will be Swash Mix around 60-70%, Travel (%) at 110-130%"

15mm was barely sufficient for my setup with a SK720 any shorter and getting sufficient cyclic would have been impossible. Seems most go with 15mm and the short balls on the outer swash.
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