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1st GPS Test Flight

Posted 03-12-2014 at 08:11 AM by nickyd
Updated 03-20-2014 at 12:11 AM by nickyd

GPS Test Flight 1 : Nick Dimeck : 11/03/14

Mini Titan E325 V1 with torque tube tail
3S1P 25C Lipo, 2221-8 Motor
SK720 Blue, SK-GPS, SK-LED2
DS95 on Cyclic
DS95i on Tail
Ice Lite 50
CC10 Amp Bec
DX7 Transmitter
History :
Last flight with SK720 Blue prior to GPS flight : vibe score=0.6
SK720 Blue returned from recalibration prior to first GPS flight.
Set up newly recalibrated SK-720 and DX7 using the Skookum wizards.
Re-Check Collective and cyclic ranges. Collective +-12 degrees, cyclic +-10 degrees.
Compass swing successful. Magnetic field strength 0.46
GPS co-ordinates for location correct.
GPS Flight 1
SK-720: Set one cyclic bank: No Self Level.
SK-GPS: Set Manual/Altitude Hold/Position Hold
Power heli and wait approx. 30 seconds until Solid blue light on both gps and gps-led.
GPS in Manual mode : fly for approx. one minute in manual mode. Heli performs normally. (SK-LED2 still reporting Solid Blue Light during whole flight)
Land and check GPS ststus with SK-LCD: all ok.
Hover at around 10m altitude. Select Altitude Hold: heli begins to ascend to approx. 20m (SK-LED2 reports Flashing Blue/Green Light)
Switch to GPS-Manual mode to abort and the heli stops the ascent. (SK-LED2 reports Solid Blue Light)
Apply negative collective to bring the heli down. (SK-LED2 still reporting Solid Blue Light)
Heli descends rapidly.
At about 10m apply positive collective to reduce the descent speed. Heli does not respond to this command and continues to descend straight into the ground.

Post Flight
Heli crashed in deep mud. All heli and electronics very damp and muddy.
Heli structure requires complete re-kit: frame, tail, head, base, all blades etc etc.
Remove and Clean out the SK-720 usb port. Access files on unit and SK software connects ok, however green LED on SK-720 does not illuminate.
SK-720 files appear to be pre-flight files as there is no data available.
Incident reported to Art and Georgi 11/03/14.

problem was software inverted collective. resolved by running 1st wizard with new dx7
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