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Flying high with the MSR

Posted 11-09-2009 at 08:20 AM by nielsm
Updated 11-09-2009 at 03:35 PM by nielsm

With the CP Pro 2 out of commission, I took the MSR outside for a few flights.... it really doesn't like wind, especially with low rates. Needed to turn up the rates to make it flyable outside, since it needed more control to overcome any kind of breeze.

The wind started dying down after a few packs, so I decided to try to see how high it could go. Tried first about 20 feet, then 50 & came back down after the timer. Next pack was one of the new 150mah packs. Took off & went up & up & up... around 100 ft up it gets really hard to tell orientation but I was able to do it.... until the breeze.... At that altitude I was above the highest trees & the breeze was enough that no matter what control I did in opposite direction, it kept getting pushed. Away it went, clocking a tree a bit further downwind.

Hit throttle hold & start the search.... looking up, can't find it. Look on ground by tree, can't find it. Start playing with the cyclic so I can hear it... nothing but the wind. Turn off the throttle hold & try spooling it up to hear it.... just some leaves falling from the trees. After about 20 minutes, I start expanding the search circle... about ready to consign myself to having to buy another MSR. My wife comes out & I tell her it's missing... in about 2 minutes she points it out on the ground about 20 feet outside of where I looked. The bird is intact except for the landing gear which are missing... along with the 150mah battery. No way to find that when it took 25 minutes just to find the heli. So 100ft up crash into a tree & the only damage was lost landing gear & battery. So thanks to my eagle-eyed wife crash cost went down from new heli & battery ($165) to landing gear & battery ($20).

As I didn't have a spare landing gear, I attached another battery & laid it in the front canopy to try out the bird. Lifted off & flew around fine. After all that, it wasn't even out of trim! Kudos to E-Flite with the nearly indestructible MSR!
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