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Re-build the Belt-CP part 2

Posted 03-18-2009 at 06:04 PM by NikolasZ
Updated 05-02-2009 at 12:57 PM by NikolasZ

Apparently it is not possible to attach pictures in the Blog-section.

Today I turned my interest to the tail.

So I put the Heli on a turning pad, and started it up...
Did not turn out well. Heli started to spinn uncontrolably. Did a mistake by holding the tail with my hand, powered up, and let go before I power down. Ouuch!!:DH
The tailblades struck the upper side of my hand, and I got 2 nice rips with blood shead... Stupid! :hammer

Anyway, I had to switch the Reverse switch on the Gyro, and I had to change the setting on the Rx as well, since the heli turn the opposite way from what I wanted.

Finally, I got the servo on the right place on the boom and a steady heli! :woot
Although I am not too happy with the B401-gyro. In HH-mode it drifts to the left and I have to compensate by giving right rudder periodically. I had the same with the Esky 704B-gyro, and I thought I had a bad gyro, so I sold it and got the B401, that everyone speaks so warmly about. But still the same drift... I have to save up money to get me a Futaba 401 gyro soon...:flamedevil
I was now ready to try the first hover.

Put it on the floor. No training gear. Spooled it up. By the way the blades were tracking PERFECTLY, and that just from seting up with the pitch gauge.

Air-borne! What can I say... The flight time was too short, since the battery (the only one that I had charged), started to loose its' power, sinceI used the same battery to set up the tail-servo.
I thought I would have a greater difference, and perhaps it was steadier, but I have to check again tomorrow, with freshly charged batteries.

Until then... happy flying! :fly
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