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N5 maiden on VBar 5.0

Posted 12-12-2010 at 04:56 PM by nwmtech

Made it out to the field yesterday and got in about 7 flights on the N5. Immediate difference in how locked in the heli was. I fought a slight tail wag most of the day but by the last flight it was almost resolved and the tail performance was pretty darn good. Tuning the head was a piece of cake and within 3 or 4 flights it was 90% tuned. Only remaining thing is a slight shake during tic tocs which I'm almost positive will be resolved with a stiffer mounting system as I was using Align gel.

Started the day flying it on Medium and then towards the end of the day did a couple flights on Vivid and Precise. Vivid is a kick in the pants. Much quicker on the stick response and has much more fluid feel during piro flips. The heli still remains quite locked in it's just got a bit quicker response and very slightly looser feel to it. Not bad at all and I really liked it. Precise is jaw dropping at how locked in it is. VERY VERY sim-like. The heli simply DOES NOT do anything you don't tell it to. I have to admit that I had snubbed my nose a bit at the thought of trying this setting but am very shocked to say that I actually liked it the best. I always thought I prefered the fluid feel the most but it's possible that the reality is that because I spend so much time I am more comfortable with my helis flying that way. It felt so similar to flying a 50 size on the sim it was plain scary. I was having so much fun that it had started to rain but I didn't care so I fueled up and did another flight in the rain.

If there is a single one and only thing I miss about my lightweight 600 it's how it auto'd. The N5 autos like a brick with a brick hanging from it. By the end of the day I was getting the timing down a lot better but good lord this thing comes out of the sky fast. On a side note the N9 skids are freakin awesome! I hippity hopped that heli across the field a couple times and I thought for sure it was going to flop over. Nope! Those big ugly skids held up great and provided a lot of needed stability for autoing at the field where I do most of my quick flights. This is a HUGE deal to me. I don't get a lot of auto practice because of the flying location so being able to auto the N5 there is going to have a really big impact on auto skills and add all that much more fun to each flight

Admittedly the tail is kind-of a pain to tune on VBar. Now I have ran 4.0 before so it know that once it's dialed in it's just awesome but it is a bit frustrating. Confidence is great with 5.0 and a little more tuning on the OS55 and the tail should provide exact results for what I'm looking for. I checked the log when I got home and it was almost 100% vibration warnings so while it flew quite well it did have some slight twitches just in a hover that went away with a gain drop. I have since redone the mounting it a medium foam/metal plate/3m combo and that should help quite a bit and allow a higher main rotor gain. It's a fair amount stiffer than the gel but should eliminate the bobbles and the added mass of the plate should help drop the vibration frequency at the sensor.
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