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Comparison of VBar 5.0 to TotalG

Posted 12-12-2010 at 05:21 PM by nwmtech

Figured I'd do a seperate entry here as to keep the clutter down.

For my style of flying and how I'm now learning I like the heli to feel 5.0 simply blows the TotalG out of the water. Flat piros and top notch piro compensation is something that's a must to me and the TotalG simply isn't even in the same league as 5.0. While the new TotalG firmware is better from what I've flown, if those two things are key to you as well then you should look towards 5.0 or MB. It was a very nice feeling to regain that confidence during a knife edge piro the heli would stay 100% on plane. I will give the edge on tail "tuning" to the TotalG because I had much less fight getting the tail dialed in and symptom free although having a precomp feature should give the VBar the edge in the end. If you want piro flips and cyclic stirring maneuvers to feel like a flybar then TotalG takes the edge there as well although the Vivid setting in 5.0 is a HUGE improvement over how 4.0 felt to those of you who flew it before going to the TotalG. So for example in my personal opinion in comparison of fluid movement in piro flips if VBar 4.0 sofware=0 and a flybar=100 then I would say TotalG =80 and VBar 5.0 Vivid=65. Hope that makes sense. Overall unwanted actions and locked in feeling hands down goes to VBar. It just seemed to hold heading a lot better. Hard and powerful vertical S maneuvers required zero correction on aileron through the whole thing and both aileron and elevator tic tocs stayed on heading better. The stick response is quite slow imho on the current TotalG firmware and 5.0 Vivid is a lot more responsive. Software edge goes to Mikado hands down. The 5.0 Pro software is freakin amazing and painfully easy to use. They give you all the needed parameters to tune your heli (even for a real "tweaker") and nothing more to clutter it up. Each parameter has pop up with an explanation of what it does and the software performed flawlessly on three different computers (even my laptop running Vista that the TotalG software worked horribly on).

If I had to really pick at Mikado it would be that the sensor is definitely more prone to vibes than the TotalG and that they still don't have the gov out. The seperate sensor and external gov added a good 60g worth of weight to the nose and on the N5 that's a realy big deal as it's very hard to get the nose light enough as is.

So, sorry big thanks to Curtis and Brian for all your support and help. In the end the TotalG just wasn't for me and I'm very glad I made the switch to VBar. I was easily able to get the TotalG to a point where it was consistent and predictable but even then I was just never 100% happy with how it felt. Hopefully after the first of the year I'll get the 700 in the air with a MB and have some comparisons there too.
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    CRITEX's Avatar
    Thanks for the honest assessment of the two systems. I will definitely try 5.0 sfter an economic recovery from purchasing the 3 T/G systems I now have.
    Posted 12-12-2010 at 05:52 PM by CRITEX CRITEX is offline
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    No problem. I was very very reluctant to get rid of the TotalG because I really wanted to believe they'd get all the problems fixed in a decent amount of time but I'm very glad I bit the bullet and took the plunge. I'm by no means saying 5.0 is the best there is. Just that it really fits me and what I want from a FBL system.
    Posted 12-12-2010 at 11:36 PM by nwmtech nwmtech is offline

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