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700 overhaul

Posted 12-18-2010 at 01:25 AM by nwmtech

Put 2 flights on the N5 at lunch today. Beautiful sunny day but colder than hell with the wind. By the end of the last flight the tail was awesome and it's currently flying the best it's been so far. I can't wait for a full nice weather day at the field to really polish up the last couple tweaks. Funny thing is I haven't even touched the head gain since the original install. I will eventually put some effort into tuning it but there's no sense in messing with multiple things. My focus lately has been to perfect the tail and it's getting a lot closer.

Been spending the last couple nights really going through the 700n getting it all ready for (hopefully) the Polar Bear Fun Fly. Went through the tail and installed the metal grips (with new hub bolts of course) and HeimJoint kit. I love HeimJoint's mod by the way. He does a beautiful job at the chinese weights. Of course I had to go through and sand each side of the hub down a tad to take the slop out of the grips but it turned out good and didn't need a single bit of modding to balance.

I replaced every single plastic link because they were completely wore out as well as moved all the servo balls into 10.5mm in prep for the FBL system. I ended up removing the 700 elevator servo mount and installing a 600e aluminum elevator servo mount. This scoots the servo over closer to the muffler-side frame but allows you to move the servo balls to the outside of the servo horn. I then install a nut under the servo ball before it's screwed in and swap out the elevator crank balls for the next length available balls. This provides for acceptable link angle and also allows me to run the 10.5mm ball spacing without binding. It's a clean install and requires no non-Align parts (pic below).

After looking at the frame and design it's plainly obvious why so many of the electric folks are stripping gears on these helis. The amount of flex apparent in the frame is ridiculous, especially in the servo area. I'll definitely be going through and doing my usual "Align" routine of adding extra frame suppoorts in the critical areas. I'll post later when I get it done to show where I've added them.

I also pulled the motor and replaced the clutch. The one way bearing on the starter shaft has slipped since I got the heli so now was a perfect time to check the balance on the fan/hub/clutch. Surprisingly I didn't have to touch it for it to be perfect. This was a big shocker because my 600n was brutally out of balance initially. Got the motor back in and the new Outrage pipe should be here any day now. The heli came with an MP6 but I'm really not a fan of how they look. I'll probably swap back to the MP6 just to double check that I'm not sacrificing too much power. Eventually I'll get a Hatori but for now the Outrage will do as I've got plenty of other things to buy for it first.

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