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Flyin' and buildin'

Posted 12-20-2010 at 04:54 AM by nwmtech

Great day out at the Lynden Flying Club. Meet a friend of mine out there and ended up getting in half a dozen flights or so. It was a little chilly but as long as you stayed under about 150ft the wind wasn't bad at all. I'm almost getting a little too comfortable with the N5. It's so ridiculously stable and predictable I was really screwing around down low. I've still got a very slight tail wag in certain maneuvers but it's so little I didn't feel like messing with it today and didn't change a thing on the VBar. I had intended on bringing the video camera to record a flight but forgot it at home so I settled with taking some stills because the lighting was fantastic for it. Ended up doing a rabbit ears with the N5 on an auto but nothing got damaged so no issues. I had intended on shooting a tank of autos on the 700 but I was having some throttle servo issues so I just threw it back in the truck. It's going to finished getting converted and re-made over right after christmas so I'll just shelf it until then. As of now... I like flying the N5 better anyway.

Spent tonight working on a fellow helifreak's mini Rave. I've never seen one in person before and WOW, I really like it. The quality is awesome for such a small heli and while I swore I'd never mess with 450's again I really like this one. Got it rewired to my standards and all the servos working in harmony and the ICE programmed. I should only have one more night working on it and it will be ready to maiden the TotalG. I really want to make sure it's gone through and every little thing checked over as I'm going to be the one maidening it and getting all the initial tweaks done on it. Even if something failed that I hadn't touched I would feel horrible so it's just better for me to go through it anyway.

Not sure if I'm going to get to fly again before we head to Cali for Christmas. If I do it will only be a couple at lunch. Man....sitting here eyeballing the mini Rave and his nice carrying case w/lipos makes me really consider getting a nice "travel" heli like that. Sure would be great to be able to keep a little heli like that with me all the time to get in a couple flights here and there. Hmmm......

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