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600's vs 620's

Posted 03-09-2011 at 12:31 AM by nwmtech

I'm a little late on writing this about this last weekend's flying but I had to run down to Kirkland last night for a business meeting and didn't get home until late. While I can't comment on the exact details I can say it had something to do with this hobby and potential career change down the road.

I got out to my local flying spot on Sunday and Monday for about 3hrs each day. I think I burned about two gallons by the end of the weekend. Saturday I went out with intentions of just working on some maneuvers. As we all know that never works out when you want it too so it wasn't a surprise when a couple of spectators/new pilots showed up. They were very nice and seemed very interested and attentive to me explaining so it really wasn't all that bad at all. The N5 didn't sound quite right and was running really poor so I put it away and enjoyed flying the 700 for the rest of the time.

Monday I got some "me" time at the field and focused on the N5. Sunday night I went through it and found a loose pressure nipple on the pipe so that explained the issues I had the day before. I decided to fly back to back the entire time with the N5 swapping between Edge 603's and the black and white SAB 620's. I got the motor dialed in to perfection quickly and began at 13* of pitch. The 620's were a tad boggy but had great pop and auto'd fantastic. The 603's were a tad shy on pop in comparison but really matched up to the power of the motor. They auto'd like... well... 600's I guess, lol. Not bad, but definite difference in comparison to the 620's. I bumped the pitch up to 14* on the 600's and down to 12* on the 620's. This had a very similar pop feel on the collective and the motor was quite happy with the 620's at 12*. Since the N5 is on the heavier end of the 50 class in stock form I personally think it's better suited to 620's. I'd tried the 620's on my old 7lb 600 and they were a bit too floaty but they felt just right on the N5. I would really like to try Edge 623's as I still think the SAB's are a tad soft but since the Edge's only come in stock about once a month and sell out within half a day they're not exactly easy to get. I sure hope they change that because I'd like to run the 623's on the N5, N5c, and E6.
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