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Fusion review, Scorpion 90HV ESC review, BeastX Precomp

Posted 04-04-2011 at 05:50 PM by nwmtech

Now that I've got a fair amount of flights on the Fusion I feel I can give an accurate overall review of it. In my opinion it's probably one of the best bang for the buck helis out there. I got an opportunity to do a bunch of back to back testing yesterday with a good friend of mine and his Logo 600 and I have to say that did not see any advantage whatsoever in having the Logo except for weight. The current setup I ran is pretty heavy at about 8.5lbs but on 620's you really don't notice it. I could easily drop a 1/4lb by going with a more practical motor and a BEC but the 4035 is insanely fun to fly. I'll give a full list of components below.

I was suprisingly impressed to find out that the Scorpion Commander 90HV is working fantastic. The infrared remote system is a complete joke and can be VERY frustrating at times to get to work but once set the Gov is functioning great. Even on stock settings it held better than a Castle would on it's best day. I'm at 2 on the P-Gain and 4 on the I-Gain and I'm not getting any gov chatter and it's maintaining headspeed flawlessly. The bailout function is FAR smoother than a Castle and works fantastic providing a buttery smooth re-engagement with no tail kick whatsoever. There is no doubt this will be my new ESC of choice from now on. The same friend has been fighting the VBar gov for weeks on end now and finally decided to try a Scorpion 90HV as well and from his comments I can almost gaurentee he won't bother with the VBar gov again.

I also got a chance to finally get the precomp setup on the BeastX's properly and test it. Well, just the tail precomp anyway. I'll do the cyclic precomp on another day. WOW!! I can't believe what a different it made. The N5 ended up at 35 on the tail and the Fusion was perfect at the 25 default setting. Biggest thing I noticed was the lack of a tail kick on hard pitch transitions. Don't get me wrong, it BARELY kicked before, but now it's dead solid on the N5 and only a VERY slight amount on the Fusion. I might need to go with a slightly larger tail blade on the Fusion to get rid of it due to the over powered 4035 motor.

Sunday was a great day with a total of 11 flights. We got a ton of flying and testing in and I couldn't have asked for a better day. I'm getting 5:45 flights on the 3300mah Volts and 7min on the 3700 Volts so I'm very happy with the flight time.
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