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Edge 623's, SAB 620's, Maverikk G5 FBL 620's Review

Posted 04-04-2011 at 06:19 PM by nwmtech

So my friend Justin and I did a little bit of a fun test on Sunday with his Logo and my N5. For fear of having a skewed result due to the insane power I decided to use the N5 as I've spent more time on it and am very familiar with how it flies. We set them up at the exact same headspeed. We then did a single flight each and landed to change blades every 2min. We tested the Edge 623 FBL blades, the SAB 620 Hard 3D FBL blades, and the Maverikk G5 Pro 620 FBL blades. We were allowed to do whatever we wanted during that 2min. We kept our results and opinions to ourselves until it was all over and then ranked them from first to to third place. I can't remember his exact opinions on each blade's characteristics but I just remember we agreed on the end ranking so the results below are strickly of my personal opinion.

Tracking: Edges by far. Very noticable difference in how they lock in. Mav's were a strong second with the SAB's being a distant third

Pop: Mav's take win here. With the widest of chords it's not suprising. Very bitchin' bite during collective changes. Edges were second with the SAB's feeling pretty mushy in third.

Loading/Recovery: Edges win again by far. Aileron tic tocs were obviously easier with the Edges and required much less effort to keep the motor singing. They recovered very quickly. Mav's were a close second as they loaded a bit more than the Edges but recovered equally as fast. Again, the SAB's being absolutely horrible in third place.

Sound/Bark: I'm not really going to say a "winner" here because sound is a personal preference. Edges had a clean lead as far as bark. They've got a very prominent bark when loaded but get very quite when unloaded. Maverikks are very quite in normal flight but the bark that shows up when loaded is more muffled and smooth. They still sound great it's just a much smoother sound. The SAB's have a very farty and "wafty" sound. You heard a lot more air with them than you did blade noise.

Fit/Finish: Tie between the Edges and Mav's for this one. Both have an excellent finish and fit with the only difference being paint scheme. The SAB's have a little bit more of an exciting paint scheme but fail in paint quality. Lots of overspray and small cos flaws on the blades. Not to mention you have to sand down the edges of the square roots to allow the blades to fold all the way back into a blade holder.

Overall Results:

1st: Edge
2nd: Maverikk:
3rd: SAB

The Edges were without a doubt the best out of the bunch for my flying style. Justin agreed too. They track amazing and just seem very efficient in flight. They recover very quickly and gave the least head loading. I'm very shocked to say that I was very pleased with the Maverikks. I have traditionally not liked their blades in the past due to them being very boggy but these were completely different. They were smooth and efficient with no zero side effects really. I was very disappointed with the SAB's. The lack of tracking and how badly they bogged and slow recovery pretty much throws them out in my opinion. I'd like to spend some time in the future doing more back to back flights with the Edges and the Maverikk's just to make sure my initial opinions still hold. Another thing to consider is the availability of the Edge 623's. They're very difficult to get a hold off and have been for quite some time. What I'm getting at is that if I doinked mine tomorrow and needed another set of 620mm blades I wouldn't even flinch at getting the Mav's. Technially I like the Edges better but if I can't get them when I want them then who gives a crap if they're better or not.
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