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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 1:8:12

Posted 01-08-2012 at 07:59 AM by rcnut

Yesterday was a great day! The temp reached 44 degrees with a steady wind around 10 mph.

First up was my new Super Sportster by Great Planes. I wasn't sure what to expect on the first flight. During the build, the balance didn't come out right per the manual. It was very nose heavy! In order to achieve balance, I needed to put a 2 cell 5000mAh LiPo at the tail wheel. Instead, I placed the LiPo as far back as I the trailing edge of the wing. First flight, needed to add some up trim to the elevator, but not as much as I thought. Overall, it flys great, still need to add the final touches to it.

Once that was over, it was time to switch into heli mode. First flight belonged to my Protos 500. I had forgot I had put in a flight on the battery that was already in the Protos (normally I replace the used LiPo with a fresh one). I couldn't figure out why the motor wouldn't spool up to the set rpm's, so I landed and heard the ESC beeping...oops! Low battery! Changed out the LiPo and voila! Went through a series of maneuvers I've been working on and wow! Most of them I was able to do except for the side ways rainbows. I started to loose control and almost slammed it into the ground. Quick reflex and the fast response of the heli prevented it from hitting the ground. The rest of the flight was flawless, but higher!

Next up was my Compass 3D+. Once started (cold blooded motor), I had to retuned the was very rich. Once adjusted, it performed great. Was performing big air maneuvers with mixed 3D. Managed a total of 2 flights on the 3D+.

Greg came out with his new Trex 600N, and helped him with his 3rd training flight before he had to leave. Craig had a blast as well, we shared flights with our planes. His Super Sportster isn't quite finished. So I let him fly mine for a while...he like's it!

So that was the end of a great day. We were both getting cold and hungry. So we decided to call it quits and grab a bit to eat. I wanted to get a couple of flights on my Rave, even pulled it out, but the cold was sinking in...time to stop...for now. Today is looking to be another great day, so after church, I hope to put in some more flights!
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