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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 1:15:12

Posted 01-15-2012 at 09:19 PM by rcnut
Updated 01-16-2012 at 06:40 AM by rcnut

Thursday we finally got snow…around 4”, then the temp dropped into the teens. I had all my batteries (6 cell LiPo’s) charged and ready to go! My Compass 3D+ and Rave are running great, so everything is on standby, ready for a moments notice. But that was while there was no snow and the temps were between 35 and 45 degrees. However, old man winter had other ideas and now it’s time to put my heli’s to rest for the winter.

I was going to leave the LiPo’s charged until I read the thread about whether to “To Charge or Not To Charge - That is The Question.” I never really thought about the effects on a fully charged LiPo. I dabbled with some smaller 3 cells for the Trex 450’s and a couple of foamies, and they seemed fine. But now I have several 6-cell monsters that require more attention, otherwise I will lose performance. In the thread, a link to

After reading the article, I realized I was treating my LiPo’s the wrong way. It would be a matter of time (a short time) before they started losing power…not cool. So today after church (and some shopping), I discharged 5 of my LiPo’s by flying my, that was rough, LoL. I flew each pack from 4.10V per cell to 3.80V per cell. 2.5 minutes for the 2600 mAh batteries and 3.5 minutes for the 3300 mAh batteries. I checked each pack after each flight. I found one battery (a 2600) that isn’t quite right, so I’ll need to look into it. The other LiPo’s I just bought are already in the storage state…until summer!

In the meantime, I’m researching the net to find out how to modify the 2 server power supplies I have for my charging station, 2 – HP DPS-1200FB A. It would be easier to find an article from someone who has done this instead of the trial and error approach.

Update on my future heli…a Compass 7HV, I bought 3 MKS 950 servos to put into my Compass 3D+. At the time I ordered the servos for the 3D+, the regular 950’s were on backorder. So I bought the 950HV’s instead, way overkill for the 3D+. So after completing the charging station, I’ll swap out the servos from the 3D+ and set them aside. I also plan on replacing the Align governor with Curtis’ ATG governor. The Align governor isn’t working.

Then there’s the Rave…right now it’s flying great! However, I am not sold on the Align 91 motor…even though it’s made by O.S.. Should this motor break another connecting rod…I will replace it with the new O.S. 105. I’ve been reading good things about the 105 and 120 motors. This gives me an excuse to try the new MP7. We shall see.

Until next time…whoa, wait a minute…now I can start working on my mCPx!!! Our church is never going to be the same! The new heli central…LoL. Time for upgrades…
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