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Heli-Log 1:25:2012

Posted 01-25-2012 at 08:21 AM by rcnut

Progress at last!

This last weekend was spent working on the two server power supplies (HP PSG 1200FB A). After much internet research, I was able to get both of them working! To start, I was looking for two 12v, 1000w supplies to use in series for my Hyperion 720i Duo3 charger (a 500w x 500w 20A 2x7S 1000w 14S max). This is the second step for getting into 90 size electrics…the first was the charger.

I put a 220 ohm resistor across pins 33 & 36 which turned on the supplies. I had to remove the ground from the power cord (120Vac) due to the output ground is connected to the chasses. This makes it impossible to connect two supplies together in series as the first supply will short out the second supply. So I opened both supplies, removed the 120Vac ground from the chasses, pulled out the female plug (so I can use it on the case that I'm installing the supplies in), extended the 120Vac inputs so I could wire both supplies together, and then tested each supply individually and together.

Both supplies are working fine. I used my Hyperion charger as the load and used a Thunder Power 5000mAh 6 cell pack as the sacrificial LiPo. First I discharged the battery to 20%, then charged it back (next time I’ll discharge it using my heli!). I need to find or build a load to test each supply to really see what it is capable of, but not sure what to use. According to the label on the supply at 120Vac…the output is rated for 12v at 75 amps. I thought about using 24 brake lights utilizing both elements…something like 3.2 amps total? I’ll have to check.

In the meantime, I’ve cut a hole in the case for the power plug, not sure if this was a good idea. I have a plan to mount both supplies with a nylon type strap and some Velcro. I have a Polycarbonate top cut to put over the supplies. The intent is to cover and protect both supplies with proper ventilation. Setup / mount the charger, with a compartment to hold all the charging leads, adapters, battery checkers, etc. So this part of my “to do” list is well on its way to being completed.

I have some pic's but haven't uploaded them just yet...

After this, the Compass 3D+ upgrade!
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