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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 2:29:2012

Posted 02-29-2012 at 09:30 AM by rcnut

Here it is! The last day of February…

Progress on my 6HV is a bit slow. Ironed out a location for the remote receiver (satellite), power requirements (wanted to fill the remaining plugs on the AR7200BX), addressed the tail linkage and tight ball links, and the rest of the main programming in the Beast X.

I decided to mount the remote receiver under the battery tray at the very front. Then I routed the wire along the outside of the frame, thinking of routing it on the inside. It looks ok, however, I like stealth, and hiding the wires from plain sight…I’ll work on it.

It looks funny having half of the Beast X/receiver with only 4 servo wires plugged into it. One plug is for power, but it still looks empty! So I decided to fill the remaining two slots with more power connectors. This will provide more current to the Beast X/receiver. Now it looks better, with “all” the channels filled. Then I applied a bead of Zap-A-Dap-A-Goo (Shoe-Goo or Goop) across the body of the receiver and power/servo connectors. This will prevent any of the connectors from “popping out!” I had the collective pitch servo come out of the servo during an inverted auto! Imagine my surprise when I rolled it right side up!

Installed the tail control wire, lined up the loops, adjusted the belt tension, and then connected the servo to the tail link. I tried to adjust the sizing the links going to the tail blade grips, but no luck. So I ordered a ball link sizing tool…thought I would never need one. So now it was time to finish the main programming…

I decided to use the servo arms that came with the kit. However, two of them did not center well. Both were a half a spline off. So I used (after being reminded of this) the setting in the Beast X programming to center the servos…”G” I believe is the step to do this in. Made the change, saved the setting, then went back and adjusted the linkages. Installed the main blades and set the aileron 6 degree pitch (got the blue light!), collective pitch range (+/-13 degrees), swashplate max travel, etc..

Once the ball link sizing tool arrives, adjust the links and program the ESC. Then is bird is ready for flight! I do have one issue with this heli… The canopy was warped badly. If you place the canopy on the table sitting up, the mounting hole on the left side is a good 3 inches off the table! So I placed the canopy in a big wood clamp and gently applied pressure in the opposite direction with the same amount of warp. I will apply some heat to it to try and set the opposite warp with the hopes of straightening it out. Otherwise I will have to call and explain (show pic’s of) this warp.

Next up…my smashed Compass 3D+…
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