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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:11:12

Posted 03-11-2012 at 05:43 PM by rcnut

Its hard to believe this Thursday marks the half way through March! Talking about time flying by! Yea...well the weather is getting better out. The weatherman said we will be in the mid 70's by Wednesday. A bit too fast, but I'll take it.

I received the ball link sizing tool in the mail. Popped it into the link and a couple of turns, now the link fits the ball better and doesn't have that much drag. After fixing the warped canopy, I installed it on the heli and it looked funny. So I broke out my heat gun again, made the canopy very pliable (with heat), set the shape and let it it look better. Not sure how long this will last so I might buy a different canopy for it. That's China for ya! My new 6HV is set and ready for the ESC to be programmed, then the test flight...

Received all the parts needed to repair my 3D+, including a Volt Magic Monitor for the LiFe battery. I found an add for a battery monitor while researching how LiFe batteries really work. So I ordered one and will try it out several times on the bench before putting my heli back in the air. Should the LiFe pack fail again and crash my heli...I will switch to a LiPo (or Li-Ion) and regulator.

In the meantime...I was looking over my small pile of new parts, and the replacement clutch liner came into focus. It looks different than what I have seen. It appears to have some type of adhesive back. It is a brown color substance that looks as if it was painted on with a paint roller.

Then I went to bend it slightly, and it snapped in half! Great! I wasn't aware it was brittle!!! I called and talked to John, and even he said that shouldn't have happened. A great heli with a junk liner…go figure. The old liner, the remains, just popped out with very little effort. There wasn't any hint of glue on the clutch bell either. So now I'm completely baffled.

I wound up ordering a clutch liner for a Trex 600 (comes two in a pack!). Then I called Nankin's, they were out of clutch bell's, and was told they were receiving a shipment later that day. So after work the bell's were in stock and I ordered one. I tried to steam the new liner to see if it would bend, it moved a little, then it broke. So then I tried to heat it with my heat gun (450 degrees), and now it really moved, but just as I went to install it...yep, you guessed it, it snapped, so I gave up! I'll use the stock replacement bell for now, and I'll prep the other one for later. Interesting note...the clutch bell wasn't loctited to the pinion (nor the liner glued to the bell), surprising nothing went wrong.

Outside of that, the rebuild is going fine. Replaced the tail grip (one broke) and packed the thrust bearings. Changed the belt and found the 3 screws holding the side plate on to the tail hub (the plate opposite the tail blades), were somewhat loose. No problem...I really need to go through this heli and check every nut and bolt (didn't do a thorough job of this).

My 3D+ is almost done. All the broken parts have been replaced. I accidentally dropped my heli it on the left side (more like push it over) breaking the servo horn...I didn't have the landing gear on just then. So I had to replace it. In this replacing the one servo horn, I decided to check the others only to find two other horns were stripped...the splines that is. These MKS servo's are very tough! The feathering shaft was ok as well. The top mainshaft bearing wasn't so lucky, it was very notchy.

Outside of that, everything else was in great shape. Just need to install the new clutch bell, then the clutch assembly, motor, and bottom frame stiffener and its ready for a test flight. Program the ESC on the 6HV and fly, fly, fly.
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