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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:26:12

Posted 03-26-2012 at 07:31 PM by rcnut
Updated 03-27-2012 at 06:23 AM by rcnut

Sunday was a blast! Headed out after church to meet up with Bob and Greg. Weather was a bit cooler, but less windy!

Tested out the 6HV after some minor adjustments. Now it's flying better, but the head speed isn't exactly where it should be. The packs I'm using are getting old...I think, need some new ones! So I set the 6HV aside and flew my Protos 500 some, about 4 flights worth! That little heli is supper fun for a 500 size heli.

Then it was time (in between flights on my Protos) to buddy-box Bob and Greg. Well, this was my first experience with buddy-boxing a heli, I've done planes many of times, but never heli's. It was easy! Bob did really well for his first time. I took control over twice on the first flight and none on his second flight. Greg still has some tunnel vision problems, but is getting better. So Greg will be taught solely on a buddy-box.

Then John Cook and Eric Brandenburg showed up and what a show they put on. Eric is "off the hook" with his flying skills! John asked how my 6HV was flying and I said it's ok, but needs some more work. "Let's look at and get it flying right." Ok! After some linkage adjustments, pot setting on the Beast X, and many radio tweakings, my 6HV is "hot!" Eric put my 6HV in one of those high speed hurricanes maneuvers! I thought the blades were going to fold! My 6HV held up to his abuse, it groaned and moaned, but handled it! So now I can't wait to purchase some new LiPo's and start flight the blades off this heli!

Well, the sun was at the horizon and the temps were dropping, so we called it a day. I haven't tried my Compass 3D+ after programming the Volt Magic Monitor, set for a LiFePo4 2 cell battery, at 20-22% warning. Did a bench test to verify the percentage...right on the mark. I also ordered a FMA 10XP charger for charging the heli 2 cell packs while the Hyperion 720 Duo is charging the bigger packs. I like the way the software is configured to charge LiFe pack. More on that later, have some more reading to do.

Until next time!
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