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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:2:2012

Posted 08-02-2012 at 10:15 AM by rcnut

IRCHA...13 days and counting!

Last night was our club meeting. I arrived at the field a couple of hours early, wanted to try out my Compass 3D+ and Trex 700N. I started with the 3D+ due to I didnít charge the battery and had enough for only two flights. The motor ran a bit sluggish due the temperature change, but this was ok for now. I wanted to see how the new clutch was going to hold up. So far itís working fine. I will keep an eye on it for awhile.

I did notice though, the fuel tank is leaking more than normal. The top of the tank was completely saturated with fresh fuelÖok itís time to fix this. I have ordered a new tank from Nankinís, but Iím not going to wait for it. Iíve plastic welded before when I worked in a car stereo shop (my younger years), so this isnít anything new to me.

I cleaned up my 3D+ and pulled the Trex 700N out. It too was running a bit sluggish, and the tail was somewhat mushy and over controllingÖIíll elaborate. I had setup some expo on the tail to make the center just a bit soft, but I went the wrong way in the settingsÖminus instead of plus, so I fix it. Then the gain was a bit low, Iím moving it to more sensitive slowly. Well that fixed the tail and some motor retuning fixed the rest.

I had replaced the main gear and pinion and the main bearings, now the gear mesh is tight once again. The only thing I noticed differently, It might be me or the new gears have dropped my head speed some. But Iím thinking the temp change has a lot to do with this problem. Outside of that, the Trex 700 is flying great once again!

I am getting the itchÖthe IRCHA itch. The time is moving upon us fast. Iíve been talking to some of the guys at Heliproz about the new Whiplash heli. But Iíll have to wait until February to order oneÖtax returns.
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