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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:2:12

Posted 12-02-2012 at 10:38 PM by rcnut
Updated 12-03-2012 at 10:53 AM by rcnut

December 2... A beautiful day to go flying!! Winds were around 5 mph and the temp was around 68 degrees, it felt more like 72 degrees!

I pulled my Rave out to warm up a bit with. The motor seemed somewhat rich, so I landed and adjusted the high needle. Now it's running better! I had the need to bang on the sticks and just let it rip. I had drawn a small crowd to watch the wild and fast action.

Bill's neighbor came out to watch Bill's Thunder Tiger Titan 50 on its maiden flight. But he was thrilled to see what I was doing with my heli...a new heli pilot in the making. After a couple of flights, I settled down and started in on all the new maneuvers I had learned this last summer.

Then I tested Bill's Titan 50 heli. The blade tracking was a little off, and it needed two clicks of back cyclic. The Titan hovered hands off. It was very stable. Bill wanted to see what it could do, so I flew it like it was mine! LoL It was slow, I set it up that way for Bill, but it didn't stop me from putting it through its paces. Bill was impressed and decided he wanted to give it a try. He did very well, but was very nervous. Another happy customer!

Bob wanted me to fly his Blade 450 and give it a through tuning. I needed to reduce the tail gain, add a little back cyclic trim, and increase the swash mix (Aileron, elevator, collective) a small amount. Now Bob's little Blade is flying better. I put his Blade through most of the maneuvers that I do with my helis. Bill's neighbor was going nuts watch me tear up the sky with this little heli. Now he's going to buy one. I feel like I'm becoming the field expert when it comes to building and flying helis.

Close to the end of the day, Bob wound up crashing his Blade. The sun was setting fast and the weather was getting cooler fast. Bob made a turn, flying nose-in and didn't realize it went. Damage wasn't too bad, mainshaft, feathering shaft, both blade grips, flybar, and maybe the boom. I took the opportunity to fly his Trex 550E heli to discharge his packs and then to store charge them...for the winter. But Bob asked if he could hover his heli, without the aid of a buddy box! I said it was ok and talked him through his first solo flight. He likes it! A few more flights and Bob with give up on the little electrics!

In the meantime, Bob wasn't upset about crashing his heli. About and hour before his crash, Bob received a phone call from a mutual friend [Jerry] stating he wanted to buy his 42 percent airplane! Bob is excited, he is getting a good price for his plane which in turn will help him to buy a new heli. A new Whiplash Gasser!

We've been talking about all the helis available on the market. What each one is about, checking the internet videos, reading magazines, and heli forms. I was having a hard time deciding which heli I wanted to get. My first thought was to break-into the electric helis. I have a Protos 500 and a Compass 6HV. I enjoy them both and have become addicted to the power they have. So I had thoughts about getting a 90 size electric, but which one? There are several to pick from. I was able to fly a Whiplash 90 electric at IRCHA. Eric, from CA. let me fly his...that was so cool. Eric felt comfortable with me flying his heli, but I was shaking like a leaf!

Through all that shaking, I realized his heli felt very comfortable and the power was unbelievable. I became a power junky in seconds...I wanted more! However, after the effects wore off and came back to earth, I realized I needed more collective management. I can do all the same maneuvers with my helis and just as fast, but with less power. Well...somethings you just need that extra power.

So the search was on to find that next heli. Through all the research, I kept coming back to the Whiplash family. It was the gasser that had caught my attention! I missed the opportunity to fly a Whiplash Gasser at IRCHA so I had to watch, and watch videos. I started asking 20 questions on some of the forums, only to get more inthralled with the idea of a gasser.

So I placed a call to my buddy Larry at Heliproz and after 10 minutes of chatting and asking questions about the Whiplash, I purchased my first Whiplash Gasser. So Bob and I will be building our new helis this winter. I'll need to piece this together, through the winter, as I have some other responsibilities to attend to first...bills!

In the meantime, now that I'm done drooling, I found out what was going on with my Compass 3D+. The clutch shoes were sprung, mainly due to the large gap to the clutch liner. So I ordered a new clutch bell with liner, and motor mount. I will try what Curtis Youngblood attributed some of his tail problems to...the soft mount motor mount.

My Rave has developed a slight tail wag problem as well. I didn't pay too much attention to it, but found out what happened during clean up. Apparently, just a guess at this point, the alignment hole on the boom has opened/ovaled out some. Not a problem, I have a couple of extra booms. Good time to start my winter maintanance. Next year I plan to replace the O.S.91 motor with the O.S.105. Looking forward to that!

Until next time...
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