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Heli-Log 12:7:2012

Posted 12-07-2012 at 12:27 PM by rcnut

There's a new addition to my heli fleet...

My Whiplash Gasser has finally arrived!!! It took big brown some time to deliver it...compaired to their normal delivery times, but considering the time of year (Christmas) they're very busy. It was well worth the wait!

I was going to leave it closed up in the shipping box and wait until I collect the rest of things I WAY! I just had to see all the parts for myself. WOW, it is impressive for sure. The parts are packed well...the clutch bell is huge! The first metal part I saw besides the smaller then normal fuel tank I'm used to...nitro tanks. I have to remind myself this is gassoline! Not glow fuel.

I opened the box to the canopy and was hit with the fresh smell of cool! My canopy was freshly painted and looks cool! Even though it's green and I'm not a big fan of a lot of green. I'll have to order, or see about getting a blank canopy and have a friend paint it for me. Maybe a flame job...being a gasser. LoL.

I thumbed through the manual, looked over the boom and the parts in the bags. The frames are big, bigger than my Rave frames. And the Whiplash comes with a "crying" towel, LoL. This is going to be an exciting build...a different type of heli, and a different type of power plant...gasoline!

I've picked out everything that I plan on installing into this heli. TRM270TT motor, MKS HV servos, AR7200BX receiver/controller with DSMX sat, MultiGov Pro with stator Gator or sensor & magnet(s), 2 cell LiPo, RCBooya rear canopy mounts (and possibly Trex 700 front canopy mounts/or something simular)...

I also received my parts for my Compass 3D+, however, the desire to start in on my new Whiplash is overwhelming! So I will fix my 3D+ first. I still need to purchase the rest of the things needed to finish my Whiplash. I will try to purchase the motor before January, due to our club meetings are on the first Wed. of every month. Our meeting has been moved to the 9th due to New Years Day. I would like to bring my Whiplash to the club meeting for show and tell. Something our club does to see what other members are working on.

On a side note, I've been trying to contact Bob fore the last couple of days with no luck...I pray he is ok! Bob was looking to buy a Whiplash Gasser as well...
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