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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:16:2012

Posted 12-16-2012 at 02:11 PM by rcnut

Here we are...9 more days to Christmas!!

My review and thoughts of the Whiplash Gasser! My first gas powered heli...

As I had stated in my last blog..."I was going to leave it closed up in the shipping box and wait until I collect the rest of things I WAY! I just had to see all the parts for myself..." Ok... Ok…I started building my Whiplash several days ago. I thought I would build the head and tail section, per the manual; however, I kept going right into the body. In the meantime I was researching everything I could find out about the Whiplash Gasser on the forums.

Being my first gas powered heli, I thought I would do some research on the heli forums trying to find out as much as I could. I started with the on-line manual and started coming up with question about this heli while I was waiting for mine to arrive. Things like; Fuel line length, Lubricating the sprag, 690mm vs. 710mm blades, Which governor, sensor for the governor (magnet or Stator Gator), and muffler. I’ll get into this “stuff” as I go…

So…to begin this build, I opened the box and started looking over all the bags of parts, paying attention to the bag numbering system. As I was looking over the parts, I noticed the main gear. There is only one gear!? Ah…what happened to the tail drive gear??? Even the main gear hub had no room for the one-way bearing! Ok, what gives? I thumbed through the manual and found the one-way bearing (sprag) is in the clutch bell! Kinda of like my Protos 500...

The instructions start with the head assembly…FBL head. The assembly comes with two sets of dampers...80D (clear) & 90D (blue). I couldn't find anything about the two sets in the manual and was too impatient to search for the meaning of the two dampers on the web. So I installed the 90D (blue) dampers thinking those are for 3D type of flying. I was close…the 90D (blue) is used for higher head speeds…over 1950. I will need to switch out the damper for the break-in process. Outside of that, the head build, FBL, is straight forward and quick! The thrust bearings came greased.

Next were the tail rotor, front transmission, and boom assembly. The gears are pre-assembled on both ends of the boom. The thrust bearings are greased like the mains thrust bearings. So, all that is needed is to assemble the blade grips to the tail rotor hub.

The first screw didn’t want to go in all the way, it stopped half way in. I pulled the screw out and found some metal shavings on the end of the screw. Those were tap shavings that didn’t get cleaned out during the manufacturing process. Not a big problem here, I used a 3mm tap to remove the shavings. I did the same thing to the other side while I was at it. Now the screws go all the way in!

The tail rotor assembled very quickly, even though I was trying to take my time. I noticed the links on the tail blade grips are quite stiff, I might size them somewhat. The rest of the boom assembly is like any other, for the most part.

To be continued...
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