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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:31:12

Posted 12-31-2012 at 10:38 AM by rcnut

Here we are…the last day of the year! 12/31/2012

Happy New Year!!!

Once the boom assembly was built, it’s on to the body! The main section of the heli is large in comparison to my Rave or Trex 700. The servo / clutch stack makes up the main center support of the body. What I’ve noticed most, so far into this build, is the precision of the holes drilled for the hex bolts, they are an exact fit! Alignment is very minimal.

The edges of the carbon fiber feel as if it was lightly sanded. I’m used to the edges being rough/jagged, requiring some light sanding prior to the build to preventing chafing of wires during the build, and in flight. This is a very nice touch indeed…well done MA!

The body starts with setting up the fuel tank. The instructions calls for cutting the fuel line, being placed inside the tank, to 6.5 inches long. Really?! So I asked the question;
“...the instructions mention the fuel line in the tank is 6.5" long! Really?”
Here are some of the responses I received…

“Some people have questioned the 6.5 clunk line. I know that I will probably shorten mine. Just flipping the helicopter around by hand, the clunk does not move around very well. It may work for hard 3d when there is more force in the moves, but I am a sport flier and don't see it working for me.”

“Shorten it to 4 inches and use the viton tubing that comes with the engine. Make sure you tie wrap it on the nipples on the inside.”
So I cut my fuel line to 4.5 inches long, as did several others. Then you make the battery and gyro tray. Mount both to the right frame along with two frame spacers, and the lower bearing block. Next is setting up the two upper bearing blocks with the servo mounting bars and the “X” brace stiffeners.

This assembly becomes very strong/rigid. I am using MKS HV servos, they are taller than most and requires the added servo rail spacer. This needed to obtain the proper linkage alignment. Now on to the clutch stack!

The clutch bell is huge! comparison to my nitro clutch bells. There is no clutch liner in the bell, and the one-way sprag bearing is in the clutch bell! Just like my Protos 500…well, ok. The clutch bell is factory assembled, so all that is needed…is to finish the assembly. The clutch stack is mounted to the frame, and the upper bearing block is connected to the main bearing block assembly.

I placed the mainshaft through the bearings prior to tightening the bolts. This insures the alignment of the mainshaft. When I received the gasoline motor, a TRM270TT, it came with the Viton tubing, fuel clunk, and the clutch shoe assembly…not mounted to the motor. Assembly of the clutch shoes and motor mount was straightforward. You need to turn the clutch shoes so that the lining is perpendicular to the frame. Otherwise the clutch shoes will not fit between the frames. The motor fit perfect into the frame and it aligned up nicely. I tightened all the bolts using a “star” pattern.

Ah yes…the landing gear! I chose to replace the landing gear with the Tuff Strut landing gear. Mainly due to the way the stock gear mounts to the frame. I personally don’t care for this two-piece gear system. Now please do not take this to be some type of design flaw in this kit. I am sure this landing gear works fine… However, it is my opinion that a semi-hard landing…one that would give you a small bounce or two, on a say botched autorotation would break off the gear and possibly part of the frame.

I have found a thread that mentioned this, and the Tuff Strut was the obvious replacement. So I ordered the Tuff Strut landing gear and a pair of battery/gyro tray spacers (they have a flat spot ground on them). I placed the spacers in place of the stock setup with the flat facing down. I made two rectangular carbon fiber plates that fit in-between the frames. Measure the hole pattern on the spacers and transfer them to the Tuff Struts. Drilled the holes and mounted the new landing gear to the heli.

That’s pretty much where I stopped. Servos, AR7200BX, Stator Gator, & MultiPro Governor has been ordered, just waiting on delivery!

To be continued…
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