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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:9:2013

Posted 03-09-2013 at 10:15 AM by rcnut

Thursday the forecast was 32 degrees and calm winds! Friday’s forecast 37 degrees and calm. Dang, looks like I will be flying both days!

Thursday I headed out to our flying field and I was the only one there…perfect! Filled the tank and started the motor by the pull start. Up in a hover, I checked the tracking, trims, head speed, tail response, and the cyclic. Everything seem to be ok, so nosed my heli forward and away it went! Put in 3 more flights before the sun went down too far.
During the second flight the motor started to run better…in flight! I didn’t want the RPM to get too high, so I dropped the throttle curve a bit, and it was back to normal. On the last flight, however, the motor started to come alive again (higher head speed), but I was close to the end of the flight, so I left it alone.

Friday I richened both needles a 1/16 turn and increased the throttle curve a bit. Following Raja's break-in procedure (somewhat)...I fly for ~2 minutes, land and idle for 1 minute, then back onto the air for 2 minutes. The first 2 flights were only 7-8 minutes long, burned through that much fuel. Flight #3 the motor changed in mid flight to a higher RPM (due to the motor breaking in), and the tail wags stopped along with some head wobble...due to a low head speed. I lowered the throttle curve and all was well until the end of the fourth flight, it sped back up, but not much. Flights are now lasting 10+ minutes!

I liked the higher RPM, but after that flight, #4, I changed the needle settings to a bit richer. Flights 5-7 was a lot better. The motor was back to its rich settings and wasn't breaking into a higher speed. I had to increase the throttle curve to obtain a decent head speed to fly. By the 7th flight, my Whiplash was trucken across the sky like my other helis. I had to resist the urge to flip, loop, roll my heli! And each flight, now, I'm flying longer in-between the 1 minute cool down.

I'm thinking that after the next 3 flights, a total of 10 flights...I might try switching into idle 1 and try some inverted flying! I won’t be able to get out this weekend due to rain both days, so I’ll perform a maintenance check. Go through the linkages, screws & bolts, servos, wiring, motor, etc. Monday through Wednesday is forecasted to be warmer, but a bit windy…looks as if I’ll be getting more flights in! And with daylight savings this weekend, I get an extra hour to fly!

I also ordered some fuel fragrance, bubble gum, watermelon, and grape. I did this many years ago with my gas plankers, it smells great!

"I love the smell of Nitro in the morning!"
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