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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 4:16:2013

Posted 04-16-2013 at 03:17 PM by rcnut

Sunday…60 something degrees, winds 25+ mph gusting to 35+!

Bob and I went over to friend’s house for a little show and tell…my Whiplash Gasser! Jerry has several gas heli’s (2 MA 1005’s, an older Hirobo, and a Vario, from what I saw). Jerry was interested in seeing my Whiplash from everything Bob had told him earlier in the month. When we showed up, the first things out of Jerry…did you bring your Whiplash and are you going to fly it?

We spent an hour looking over the heli Jerry was working on and my Whiplash. Then he asked…”well? Are you going to fly it?” It didn’t take much to talk me into it.

The first flight wasn’t that bad. The wind was around 20 or so mph and not too gusty. My Whiplash just sat there in the wind as if the wind didn’t exist. So I started in on my normal routine. At the end of the tank, I started practicing autos, and Jerry was thrilled.

We went back into his hanger (a real hanger for a Cessna 142) and talked shop. About 90 minutes later, it was time to go back up. Only this time the wind had picked up a lot! I fought the wind some with forward and back flips. Funnels were just impossible. It was taking a fair amount of collective just to fly into the wind. To hover sideways, my heli was listing a good 10 to 15 degrees! Yea, it’s time to land and wait for a better day before something bad happens.

But as I thought that, I decided to play with some autos and see how long I could extend an auto with this high wind. First attempt was really good, second attempt was looking even better until I noticed the head speed was dropping off too fast! Oops! I tried to reach for the throttle hold as I was pushing the nose forward and adding more negative pitch…found the throttle hold and switched off!!! Too late, my heli hit the ground just as the motor was beginning to spool up…hit throttle hold again and then throttle cut.

Surprisingly the damage wasn’t that bad. Cracked one main blade from hitting the boom, small dent on the boom, and one control link broke, and broke a servo arm. There was no power on the drive, so not much damage…this time. However, I did get a full flight in before messing up the auto. I ordered a new set of blade and should be here by Thursday.

The rest of the fleet…

I finally got around to completing my taxes last week! Yea, I know… Normally I get them done as soon as I have all my paperwork ready / have everything I need. This year I had to wait for all the needed documents to show up! So I wasn’t in a hurry this time. In a way I’m glad I waited. I have some extra cash coming that I didn’t expect! So I’ve been looking over my fleet and determining what I need and what I would like to do, meaning upgrades / changes.

Now is the time to get everything ready for the flying season. I know, the winter time should be the time to pull maintenance and repairs, but my winter was filled with building new heli’s and repairing OP heli’s. Besides, now is a good time to refresh your memory on current settings and some preflight checks. So first on the list…my Trex 700N, it is on the disabled list, I blew up the motor last year on some bad fuel I bought…I thought it was a good deal at the time, but not worth the repair costs I’ve encountered.

Now that I am hooked on my Whiplash gasser…my first thought was to convert several of my other heli’s into gas power. So first up, my Trex 700N…a new TRM270TT motor, Helibug conversion Core 7 kit with clutch ($$$ Ouch!), and an AR7200BX to replace the Total-G or replace the Total-G in the Rave… The cost was more than what I wanted to spend! ~$1300.0, that’s almost a new heli with servos or an almost complete 50 size heli (add a couple hundred more)… I’ve spent too much on upgrades for this heli to begin with, so I can’t see spending another $1300.00 on it…I’ll leave it alone for now.

My Rave on the other hand…has power issue. It likes more power; however, the O.S. 91 motor just doesn’t have what it wants, close to the lean side. The O.S. motor in the Rave is happier and runs better in the Trex 700N (gearing), go figure. So…I’ll buy the O.S. 105 (without pump) and MP7 muffler for the Rave, then take the 91 and put it back into the 700.

Next is my Compass 3D+. It could use a bit more power, that or try using a 2 needle carb (mid & high) instead of the one needle (high). Never been much of a fan with the one needle carbs on heli’s.

And last, I need to buy some LiPo’s for my Compass 6HV and Protos 500. The packs I have are over 2 years old and have over 250 flights on some of them. They have some “pop” left in them, but I can see and hear the difference against the newer Gravity packs I bought last year.

So buy a new motor and muffler for the Rave, wrench on the 3D+ with a different carb, and buy some new LiPo packs. Did I miss anything? Spare parts…
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