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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 4:28:2013

Posted 04-28-2013 at 01:28 PM by rcnut

Saturday (yesterday), 67 degrees, 0-5 mph winds, cloudy then cleared up.

Last weekend I met Mark, a new heli pilot in training. He came out with his two heli’s, and I brought two, my Whiplash and Rave…before a motor transplant. I watched Mark fly (hover) some to get an idea of where his skill set is.

Then I pulled out my heli’s and did a little “whaling” on them. That got Mark’s full attention very quickly! He couldn’t stop smiling, that made me feel good. So we spent a little time getting to know one another and do some flying.

Yesterday, Mark, Bob, and I met at the school with our heli’s.

Mark asked me to go over his Raptor Titan 50. He installed a FBL head and AR7200BX. Well…mechanically everything was setup correctly. Radio wise, there were a couple of issues I fixed quickly, and then finished setting up his radio. First test fight went very well, just need to get some more head speed. I managed to pull off a little 3D with it. Then his girlfriend showed up! She was really cool about him flying and was even happier Mark found me to help teach him. Mark asked me to demo his Raptor G4 for his girlfriend, to prove it fly’s well.

Ok!... However, we didn’t finish setting up his radio. Ok…so I started programming his radio so I could fly inverted…and some mild 3D. It took me a few minutes to set everything. Then I started putting the G4 through its paces…slowly. It flew very well and she was impressed. And that was all Mark needed, so now he can come out and fly most any time he wants! Ya know, I should get paid for this!!! That or find a wife like her for myself! As I was getting to know her (sorry, forgot her name), she was telling me about spending time on the flight simulator. Hmm, another potential heli pilot…a female pilot!

Well about that time John Cook and Eric Brandenburg showed up with their Rush heli’s. John’s heli was brand new, just finished building it. So we got to see a “3D ripen” maiden flight. It was awesome; I could tell John wasn’t too comfortable with his heli just yet. Give him a few more flights and it will be second nature!

Eric is totally off the wall and he laid the smack down like no other! So now is a good time to have Eric checkout my Whiplash, now that he’s “all warmed up!” I’ve had Eric setup a couple other heli’s as if he owns them…simply awesome!!! Eric liked my Whiplash with the Hatori muffler. I told him I have plans to buy a Quick Draw pipe for it.

I put a total of 3 flights on my Whiplash and just one on my Rave…with the O.S. 105 HZ motor and MP7 muffler. Wow, the MP7 is quiet! Yep, I bought an O.S. 105 HZ motor for my Rave. I decided to “can” the idea of converting my Trex 700N to gas.

Instead, I bought a Whiplash Electric heli. I have a Xera 4530 500KV motor that I bought off of John Cook, a CC ICE2 160 HV Opto ESC that I won at IRCHA last year, and 3 MKS BLH 665 HV servos and one MKS BLH 669 HV servo. I’ll pickup an AR7200BX, 4 LiPo packs (not sure which one I’ll get), and I’ll wait to try a new set of blades the Eric was taking about…don’t remember the name of them, should be out sometime next month.

My Compass 3D+ is still waiting on a carburetor transplant. I have a 3 needle carb versus the 2 needle that comes with the hyper 50. Maybe it will tune better.

So many things to work on…too little to do it, well, I decided to try for 500 flights this year. I would have liked to do 1000 like Raja is doing, but I just don’t have the time to do that…well, right now at least.

Working on 500 flights for the year!

Whiplash = 3
Rave ENV = 1
Raptor G4 = 1
Raptor Titan = 1
Spark Plugs = 1
Crashes = 2 - Whiplash

Total = 58
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