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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 4:30:2013

Posted 04-30-2013 at 04:05 PM by rcnut
Updated 05-06-2013 at 03:44 PM by rcnut

Here we are...the last day of April

Ok campers…a lot have been happening to my heli fleet, for the exception of two heli’s…the Protos 500 and Compass 6HV.

My Whiplash is running and flying a lot better. I still need to find out what is going on the throttle governor, doesn’t seem to be working. Outside of that, I plan on flying the next 3 gallon through it and then change the muffler to the Quick Draw Pipe, for an extra 2 HP!

My Rave has the new O.S. 105 HZ motor with Curtis Youngblood’s MP7 muffler. So far, this is an awesome combination! I have 5 flights on it and the motor is making good power even though it is blubbery rick! However, the governor in the Total-G is wigging out. I setup idle 1 for a lower head speed than what I normally have it set to…1750 rpm. Then I bumped it up to 1850, but on the 4th flight, it sounded like the motor died. Went into autorotation mode and started the emergency landing procedures, basically panic mode!...not really.

As I was about to land and I switched out of idle 1, the motor came back to life and resumed flying my heli towards me. I did a couple of checks, and electronically shut off the governor in the radio for idle 1, then continued flying, only very close by. 5th flight I felt better and resumed my regular basic flying. Once home, I decided to replace the Total-G, and ordered an AR7200BX…with satellite receiver.

My Compass 3D+ is still waiting for a carburetor swap. It’s been sitting patiently for me, while I place other projects in-front of it. Then, during all this, I was looking through the classifieds on this forum, and found yet another heli to buy! I was a very good price on a Whiplash Electric.

I have a motor [Xera 4530 500KV], and a speed controller [CC ICE2 160 HV Opto], MKS BLH 665 cyclic & BLH 669 tail servos, AR7200BX controller/receiver, and 4 Haiyin 5000 mAh LiPo’s. About the only thing missing, are the main blades. I’m not sure which brand I would like to try.

And if this isn’t enough to work on…I’m watching Bob build his Whiplash Gasser! He is doing a great job so far. And I’ve promised not to hijack his heli and build it for him. The urge is great, but he needs to learn how to build, setup, program, break-in a new motor, and fly.

It won’t be long, and the weather will settle down some and allow us to get some heavy duty flying in! I’m going to try for 500 flights this year. My normal/average is 354 flights a year. Well, I want to bust that average and set a new average! So we will see what happens…stay tuned!

So far…

Whiplash Gas = 0
Rave ENV = 4
Whiplash Electric = 0
Trex 700N = 0
Compass 3D+ = 0 (on the work bench)
Compass 6HV = 0
Protos 500 = 0
Plugs = 1
Crashes = 2 - Whiplash

Total = 62
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