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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 5:11:2013

Posted 05-11-2013 at 12:27 PM by rcnut

Only 4 more days to the middle of this month…where is the time going??

Gee…where do I start first… Ok, the Rave is performing well. I have many flights on it (don’t remember exactly how many flight I have without looking at my log-book) and the break-in process is half done. I received and changed out the Total-G for the AR7200BX…sweet unit! I found some mechanical errors (linkage length issues) that I will address later; it’s out by that much. Outside of that, my Rave is flying very well, very stable. Now I just need to fly it for a long while! LoL!

My Compass 3D+ is still sitting, waiting for a carb change. There’s just too many heli’s on the workbench right now!

Bob, Mark, and myself, went out flying several day ago and Bob crashed his little Blade 450. According to the weather man, the winds were supposed to die down some, instead the winds picked up! And as luck would have it, Bob was up flying his blade 450, performed a nice back flip right into the ground. The damage wasn’t that bad. Feathering shaft, flybar, boom, and one servo gear…oh, and a canopy! Yep, he smashed that too! That crash kind of” let the air out of his balloon”.

So we spent the next two days, after work, repairing his heli. I took over with the repairs and stepped outside for a test flight in the driveway. Adjusted the blade tracking some and Bob’s little 450 is flying…once again. I flew over to the corner lot by my house to wring it out some…and close to the end of the pack, the tail quits working. I mean no left, no right tail control! Oh boy, I needed to land this thing quickly, before I start buying parts for it! I managed to get out of the grassy area and on the road. Pulled some collective out, stabled the heli some, a little more collective, until…now!

I hit the throttle hold switch! Knowing this will do two thinks for sure. 1. Remove torque from the tail and it will stop spinning around (torquing around). 2. Land the heli very quickly. The Blade 450 doesn’t auto very well, it auto’s about as good as a light rock! I managed, by a wing and a prayer, to save Bob’s heli. Now to figure out what happened!

It turns out the tail servo died. Ok…called our LHS (local hobby shop) and they had to order one. So, everything is working great except for the tail servo.

So moving on to Bob’s other heli…his Whiplash… Bob managed to build the head, complete tail assembly, and most of the frame. We are waiting on the motor and muffler…however, and I haven’t told Bob this…his motor and muffler shipped the other day and he will have it early next week!

For me, well, my Whiplash E is going very slow. I keep running into things that are slowing the build. First it was the servo horn balls, then the battery straps, next up the LiPo’s, and finally (so far) the ESC. So I ordered new balls for the servo horns and rudder horn, I thought I ordered a “pack of” battery straps…nope, received just one in the pack. Ok, I ordered 3 more straps.

The LiPo’s won’t fit in the frame per the instructions and like how everyone else is doing it. The LiPo packs are too long and a bit wide, so I’ll need to slide then in from the rear. However, the power wires come out of the LiPo on the side and hits the frame. So in order to make these LiPo’s fit…I will move / unsolder the power wires 90 degrees so they come out at the end of the pack. Next time I’ll order different packs the will fit better!

Currently the weather here is sucking again! High winds with rain on and off, cold temps, damp and overcast. So I’ll bang away on my new electric heli. I have a set of the new Cyclone blades coming! Can’t wait to try them out…more on that later!

Until next time…

Whiplash Gas = 2
Rave ENV = 4
Whiplash Electric = 0 (being built)
Trex 700N = 0
Compass 3D+ = 0 (on the work bench)
Compass 6HV = 0
Protos 500 = 0

Plugs = 1
Crashes = 2 - Whiplash

Total = 68
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