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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 5:21:2013

Posted 05-21-2013 at 02:54 PM by rcnut

Saturday was a crappy and great day. I started the day with working 8 hours. That was a long and frustrating day! When I got out of work, I was tired and cranky, I just wanted to go home, take a nap and be left alone. Well I didn’t do that, instead, I made it home and saw the package from A Mains Hobby sitting on my porch. The blades I ordered showed up! Great, but I’m still a bit grumpy.

I packed up my truck with 3 heli’s and the new set of Cyclone blades and met the guy’s at our practice field.

About 3 years ago (9/18/2010 to be exact), I had lost a Velocity 50 heli. It was at a fun fly at our flying field that I lost orientation of my heli. It was cold, overcast with small rain showers in-between. I had just learned the proper way to do a half piro flip coming out of the top half of a loop. At that time, I just couldn't get my fingers to move the way my brain wanted. Until the last flight with less than a half tank later, I performed the maneuver again, but this time I had lost orientation of it and it started flying away from me... On a side note…note; To this day, I have yet to perform this maneuver!
Here is part of that thread;

On a sad note, this will be replacing my Velocity 50 I lost in the corn/bean field a week ago Sunday.

You almost made me spit out my morning coffee after reading your post!!! LOL
Also I want to know if you ever found the lost bird in the field. Or am I going to find heli parts in my next can of beans.
That was too funny!

No, I did not find my heli. I looked for it until I was sick of looking for it. So be careful when you open your can of beans! You just never know what you will find in there! ...
My Rave became its replacement. I enjoy flying my ENV more than the rest of my heli’s, just wish we didn't have all this snow!

While we were taking a small break and shooting the breeze in between flights, Mark (a new heli pilot that I'm training) told us his son found a small (50 size) heli the other day. Mark started to describe it, my mind started racing with questions. Could this be??? I lost orientation of this heli and it flew at least mile away (by my judgment) while I struggled to bring it back!

YES!!! It is my heli! As I started describing my lost heli, Mark kept quiet to verify the description I was giving matched what he has, and yes, it is my lost heli! Mark did take a fuel on/off valve from it and he was going to give it back, but I told him to keep it.
I'm not sure what is salvageable or weather its worth putting back together, I'll have to wait and see. I should be getting it back sometime this week. I'll post some pic's when I get it!
I do have one thought; I could resurrect it and use it as a training heli for Bob & Mark…

Now, for some other information…

The Cyclone blades I ordered, I installed them on my Rave to start. My Rave has a fairly new motor that’s close to being broken-in. To me, it seems finicky with what type of blades I use on it. Specifically blade length, so if I use 690mm, then autos are somewhat fast, as well as the cyclic response is faster. If I run 710mm, then autos are slower, and the cyclic response is slower as well.

I was kind of worried trying a different type of blades as the last time I tried a set, the blade tracking went nuts, and my Rave shook violently, to the point of out of control. I had all I could do just to hover and set it down quickly!

So I bolted the Cyclone’s on, filled the tank, and took off. Hovering was normal, blade tracking was perfect, and my Rave just sat there perfectly. Considering the motor is still in the break-in period, I did some slower than normal collective pitch pumps and then a full throttle climb-out. Not bad, not bad at all… I flew around the field several times to see how well it would track…as if it was on rails!

I started in with some big air maneuver with some aggressive speed…very smooth. Started with some easy 3D moves to more aggressive 3D (for what I can do). Even the inverted segment was fantastic! Very little blade bark, I could make them bark some, but overall…these blades are fairly quiet.

Now on to my favorite maneuvers…the autos! Now I’m not a pro pilot by any means, but I can auto rather well…inverted roll outs, flip outs, ½ piro out, and the FAI 180 turn auto! So not knowing how these blades will work, I just performed a regular auto. My Rave came in rather fast, faster than I thought it would. So I went back up and tried it again, only this time I made the auto slower.

Down the Rave came and I still had a lot of head speed left over…back up I went several times slowing the decent until I had very little head speed to recover from an oops! WoW, these blades are great! They are a lot more efficient then what I’ve tried in the past. The next flight was even better as I was “warming up” to these new blades. I even tried some piro-flips…not good at it, but can do 3-5 of them before messing up! Oh, the piro-flips looked great! But not because of the blades!!! LoL…

Ok, enough of that! Oh one more thing…I just ordered another set of Cyclone blades! I’ll try them out on my Whiplash Gasser!. Ok, moving on…

Mark is improving with his flying; he is getting his turns down pat before taking on more maneuvers to practice on. Bob is getting more confident on his little Blade 450 3D. However we had a servo go bad and there was a tail twitch I couldn’t get rid of…until… I replaced the servo and everything seemed fine. Then some of the settings started changing for the tail.

Ok, a deeper look into this… I tried everything I could think of, until the one thing I’ve forgotten over the years…tape…gyro tape! I’ve gotten accustom to using the 3M gel tape for the FBL units that I have forgotten some of the actual gyros need a little cushioning. So I replaced the gel tape with some actual gyro tape (yes, I still have some!), and did a test flight in my driveway.

Perfect! Not a single twitch to be found! Now I’ve noticed Bob’s little heli has a shake in the tail. Possible output shaft and or bearings…yea, could be the tail blades. I also found the main bearings are shot, I’m able to move the main shaft back and forth…we’ll replace them as well.

Outside of that…my Whiplash Electric has come to a complete halt! All 4 servos went up in smoke! More on that later!

"I love the smell of Nitro in the morning!"
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