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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 10:31:2013

Posted 10-31-2013 at 09:27 AM by rcnut
Updated 11-07-2013 at 01:30 PM by rcnut

The last day of October…WOW, that was fast!

This Saturday we turn the clocks back! Ouch! One less hour of daylight, man that sucks! I called Bob Tuesday to see if he wanted to go out flying…it was really nice outside after work. Bob said yes, but needed to finish getting his motor installed and set up. Well that took a 1-1/2 hours and left us with a couple of flights.

I brought my Whiplash Gasser and Electric. First up was the electric, I wanted to see if changing the motor timing fixed the motor surging. It didn’t, so I’ll put it back to auto timing and try the mode settings. I didn’t get the chance to fly my Whiplash gasser due to the clouds moving in and making the sky darker by the minute.

We did manage to fly Bob’s gasser. I readjusted the carb, shut off the governor for the time being, and set up his throttle curve in the radio. The flight was mostly successful with minimum adjusting, but at the end of the flight, the main gear and front transmission gear stripped…weird? At first I thought the clutch started spinning, but it wasn’t that. This baffled me at first. The motor was running very rich, but also had a tail wag that was much worse that the first time we started the break-in process.

As I was talking to Bob about the flight, I noticed the inside of his canopy was coated in oil! Oh? I looked over his muffler and found oil splatter on the cylinder head (Jug). So II asked Bob if he installed the gasket…no. There was the problem! As the motor heated up and the metal was expanding, the gap was changing and causing the motor to act somewhat erratic. It was enough to cause the pinion gear to strip the main gear, then transfer the damage to the tail drive gear.

The good of all this; Bob’s motor is running, his heli flies, and we have the first flight out of the way. In the meantime…I’ve decided to start working on my house, something I’ve put off far too long. So most of my time (now) and money will be diverted towards the house…well for now, however, if the weather breaks enough for some flying…I’ll be at the field flying!

There is a winter project I’m looking at…converting a 50 size nitro heli into a gasser…
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