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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 11:6:2013

Posted 11-06-2013 at 12:20 PM by rcnut
Updated 11-07-2013 at 12:34 PM by rcnut

Well here we are in November…Thanksgiving is only 22 days away! Gobble! Gobble!

I went to the flying field without the guys this time as I wanted to get some personal flying time in. 1) test out 4 heli’s, 2) get 10-12 flights in, and 3) work on some new and old maneuvers…sorry guys. So, first up…

Whiplash Electric: I managed to get two flights out of it before I totally destroyed all the gears on it. I tried all the motor mode settings trying to get rid of the motor surging. The last one to try caused the motor to go to full throttle instantly! That is what stripped the main gear, all three front transmission gears, and both tail gears. Ok, I won’t do that again!

Whiplash Gasser: Well…I put 2 flights on my gasser and the new Hatori muffler started leaking. Not good! I did receive the RJX muffler from Hobby King. However, it was missing the adapter plate and screws so I could try it out. I logged on to their website and found what I needed to do, but as Murphy’s Law was working overtime at my house…I didn’t have the box the muffler was shipped in, and I didn’t have the receipt…must have thrown it away. This is not like me, normally I keep all my receipts for several years, but not this time I believe. I did find the adapter plate on line, so I’ll be trying the RJX muffler next.

Team Heliproz Whiplash Nitro: The clutch stack came just as Jeff said it would.  I got it installed and everything back in its normal place/configuration. I put in 4 great flights without any problems from the stack. I even turned both needles in a couple of clicks and that made all the difference. I could leave them there and still have plenty of power! I had to put it away after the 4th flight due to the LiPo had 27% of a charge remaining.

Rave: First flight wasn’t all that bad. The cyclic controls were a bit sluggish, so I increased the servo end points some and on the second flight, that made all the difference in the world. I was having a blast with my Rave, until I shot the second auto…that’s when everything went horribly wrong. On the second auto, about half way down, I watched helpless as my Rave slowly climbed while rolling over on its left side crashing into the ground. I had time to kill the motor before hitting the ground. Post-crash analysis revealed the swashplate came apart, separated at the bearing.

Compass 3D+: I haven’t done much with this heli other than confirming the regulator took a dump. This was caused by the pickup sensor wire. The sensor wire became hot and slowly melted the power wires partially shorting the supply power on the output of the regulator. So the regulator was working hard until it could no longer take it. I have another regulator that I can use, but I’m not in a big hurry on this.

I had ordered a radio glove and heater from Hobby King. I finally got the chance to try it out. Saturday was a perfect day for the glove. Temps were around 43 degrees with a 10–15 mph wind dropping to 2 mph. The radio glove worked great without the heater. I plan to make/install insulated sides and a bottom to it…with the heater system. The heater takes/uses a battery pack of some form (LiPo, Nickel Metal, etc.), or if you use an extension cord with special ends made for it, you could use your car/truck battery to run the heater…just a thought. The thought is by insulating the inside of the radio glove, I would use less battery power to keep my fingers warm. There is “some” insulation, but not enough for the much colder weather that’s coming!

Bob’s Whiplash Gasser: Bob returned home from his vacation and received his motor. We had a lot of setting up to do to get it back to flight status. Once everything was set back to the original first flight…maiden flight, the motor was running a little too rough. The tail was wagging too much. Then close to the end of the flight, the main gear stripped. Taking the canopy off, I could see oil splatter over the motor and a coating of oil inside the canopy. I asked Bob if he installed the exhaust gasket…”Uhm…no”…it was on the motor when he sent it in for repairs.

Ok, that explained why the motor was running rougher than normal. The header was changing the gap (causing the motor to run rich/lean) as I was heat cycling his motor. So hopefully he will have the replacement parts ordered so we can get his Whippy back in the air…with a new gasket, and before the snow falls!

Until next time…
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