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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 11:17:2013

Posted 11-17-2013 at 11:48 AM by rcnut

Thanksgiving is only 11 days away! Gobble! Gobble!

Whiplash Electric: I ordered the gears that stripped, but havenít done anything to it. I need to send the CC ESC in for repairs.

Compass 3D+: This is still on the waiting list...back burner.

Rave: I ordered all the parts needed to put this heli back together...however, I need to buy a new muffler. In the crash, the header was bent fairly well. It needs to be replaced. Work more overtime...yuck!

Team Heliproz Whiplash Nitro: I havenít flown this heli since the last time, so itís good to go.

Whiplash Gasser: I found the adapter on Team Heliproz website, Chris had a spare and sent it to me (thanks again Chris!). I have three flights on it, but noticed some exhaust residue on the inside of the canopy. I grabbed a towel and wiggled the back end of the muffler to see if it had come loose. Nope, however, I did hear a grinding noise I didn't care for, and also noticed the motor was moving some???
As I looked closer, I saw the motor mount was broke on top! Ok, empty the tank and take it home. This might explain some of the issues I was having with the Hatori pipe! I did have a crash with my gasser shooting an auto, it landed on the muffler side. This could have caused the motor mount to break. However, the motor was idling at the time of the crash, and there wasnít any abnormal vibration due to the crash. I'm not sure how that could of damaged anythingÖmotor wise, but then againÖ

I ordered a new motor mount from Heliproz, I'll check the run-out on the output shaft and just might check the flywheel once the motor is out of the heli. Iíve been trying to determine why the Hatori gasser muffler keeps leaking/cracking, so I posted this problem. And itís be interesting the replies Iíve been getting. There all goodÖso not to take this another way. Now there are 3 Whiplash gasserís that are having the same leaking/cracking issues with the Hatori mufflers, in IL and Ohio. Two of them have never been crashed, and mine crashed twice. More to comeÖ
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