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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:3:2013

Posted 12-03-2013 at 02:42 PM by rcnut

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! So here we are in December already! It won't be long now, Christmas is only 21 days away!

Whiplash Electric: On hold…Instead, I used the main gear for Bob’s gasser as he hasn’t ordered a gear for it yet, (other priorities got in the way). I also found the bolt going through the gear hub was sheared off? I gave him my gear set in order for the three of us [Mark, Bob, & myself] could enjoy some flying this last weekend.

Compass 3D+: This is still on the waiting list...back burner.

Rave: I ordered a new muffler and now it’s ready for a test flight. I just need to find a good day to try it out. The weather here is becoming a “roller coaster ride”. Temps are on the warmer side, but overcast and windy. Or temps are on the cold side, wind and clear skies, or… I think you get the point. Then there’s the setting of the sun. The sky starts getting dark around 3:30 and the temps plummet.

Team Heliproz Whiplash Nitro: I put 3 flights on it this last Saturday. This heli is flying great! So I think I’ll bench it for the winter.

Whiplash Gasser: Ok, I checked the run-out and called Toxic Motors (Al) to verified my findings…the motor is ok! So I installed the new motor mount and put my heli back together. I installed the header adapter and used some high temp black silicon on the side that mates to the muffler. 4 flights and no leaks!

I counted the flights I had after the last crash, 11 total flights on the broken motor mount! The extra vibrations started shaking my heli apart. I found two servos that had their mounting screws loose, just a little, enough that the cyclic servo was able to move side to side by hand. On the second flight (this last weekend) I started adjusting the carb for the colder weather. So far my Whippy is singing happily.

Bob’s Whiplash Gasser: So…I replaced the main gear, Jesus bolt, and top tail drive gear [in the front transmission]. First flight was a bit rough, his rebuilt motor just wasn’t happy with the rich fuel setting. So on the second flight, I leaned both needles just a little. Now his motor is happy and no heavy detonations. I also experienced more tail wag than what I wanted or expected! And due to the heavy tail wags, which some were caused by the motor, the main gear took another hit and partially ground some of the teeth on the new main gear. It made contact, about 50% engagement, but needs to be replaced…again.

Then come to find out in flight on the third flight, within the first minute, the tail pitch control locked up! It made for an interesting landing attempt. I managed to land Bob’s Whippy safely and killed the motor fast, I wasn’t sure what I was going to find.

His tail yoke was frozen to the output shaft! A lack of lubrication! I had to force the yoke to get it to move some so I could work oil around and inside the brass sleeve. It took a good 15 minutes to free it up to the point of trying to fly it again. Wow, a free moving tail makes all the difference in the world…go figure. LoL! I instructed Bob that his heli doesn’t lubricate the tail like a nitro heli. My nitro heli’s are lubricated so well, I have to wipe/clean off the excess! Gassers and electrics are on the opposite end, you need to lubricate them frequently. Hopefully a lesson learned.
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