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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:7:2014

Posted 03-07-2014 at 09:21 AM by rcnut

As promised...So here we are, a new year, and a new month…March, but not for long! Time is flying by!

Now for a re-cap of last year;

My 6HV, Protos 500, Rave, Trex 700N, and Team Heliproz Whiplash Nitro, and my DJI F450 quad are all stored for the winter. I was trying to have the GoPro working on the quadcopter so I could shoot some nice winter videos...

My Compass 3D+ is still waiting for any type of wrenching, but that may not happen for a while. Spring? Summer maybe? All it really needs is a voltage reg, and I have two of them!

My Whiplash Gasser is running and flying great! I try to get out when the weather isn’t so bad.

Bob’s Whiplash Gasser has some issues that I need to figure out. After the motor was rebuilt, we didn’t do something right when installing it back into his heli. It’s still eating gears! Not cool, I need to get this fixed and fast! I think I know what it is…an air leak.

Bob’s Trex 550E I’m not sure if I did an update on Bob’s electric heli. Last year after IRCHA, the BEC in the Align 70Amp ESC shorted out and sent 22.2v into the servos and 3GX FBL controller! Ouch! This “fried” all is electronics. I managed to find everything I need to put his heli back together so he has a heli to fly…once again! (considering the MA news we received). Now I need to program everything!

Mark’s Whiplash Gasser is flying great. I have a couple of adjustments and it will be perfect for him. A few weeks back, the temps were in the upper 30’s with calm winds. So Mark and I made most of the day flying. Mark was finally brave enough to hover his new heli! He liked it!!!

Bill’s Fury 55… Yep, Bill bought a Miniature Aircraft Fury 55. We got together after Christmas and finished wiring and programming his heli. So his heli is ready for a test flight.

This far

For all of [or most of] last month, not a whole lot has happened with our heli’s…until Miniature Aircraft announced they were closing! Closing for good, to be no more, unless someone buy’s the company. This was a devastating blow to the heli community. MA has been around for 26 year and now…gone! After acquiring all 3 Whiplashes… It made me sick to my stomach for a week!

I finished and sent in my tax returns just before the announcement. Almost immediately parts for the X-Cell line heli’s and the Whiplash line started going out of stock. People were buying parts like there was no tomorrow! If people would have bought parts like normal, there would be a supply of them for at least 1-1/2 years. But this was not the case this time; most of the common parts were gone in a couple of days! Someone was hording a lot of those parts. So now some of us are waiting to see who bought all those common parts and have them listed on e-bay!

More than likely those parts will be marked up fairly well which will piss some if not most off. Well Mark and I are planning to find new ways to make most of these parts for the same cost if not cheaper. And what we can’t make, we’ll find someone that can! So in the meantime, Mark and I have been buying all the spare parts we can…5 of these, 6 of those, most everything else is out of stock… We found a couple of good deals on used heli’s…

For me, I had a “battle plan” for my tax return…FPV for my quadcopter and some spare heli parts. The rest was going towards bills and the house. After the MA closing news, that all changed. I bought the FPV stuff for my quad, and a used Whiplash gasser with some spare parts. I decided to disassemble my electric Whiplash for parts and sell off what I can’t use. The electric Whippy is version 1; the frames became extinct almost immediately. So I can sell the frames and motor mount, everything else I can use.

But now that leaves me without a 90 size electric heli, and I have 3 sets of LiPo’s that are less the one year old…basically they have maybe 6 flights on them? So I found a deal on the new Agile 7.2 heli. I transferred all the electronics over to the new Agile 7.2 heli (I’ll post some pic’s later).
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