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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:10:2014

Posted 03-10-2014 at 07:32 AM by rcnut
Updated 03-12-2014 at 06:40 AM by rcnut

The weather is finally getting warmer! Hopefully the sub artic temperature have ended!

Trex 700N And now comes the hard part… My Whiplash gasser is a lot of fun to fly and being a gas heli, flight times are around 18 minutes! That would be hard to beat as a nitro, not to mention nitro cost is a lot more than gas or Colman fuel. My initial plan was to sell my Trex 700N and keep the Rave 90 ENV and the Team Heliproz Nitro heli.

After doing a little research, I found I could convert my Trex 700N into a gasser! (more upgrades!) Now the question became which conversion kit and what gas motor? The motor became a no-brainer, the new Hanson RC300 3D Max…now for the conversion kit. I started looking around at the different kits that are available. I was fairly settled on the Heli Bug kit. Then I talked to a couple of other guys and was directed to my buddy Adam, the same person I met at IRCHA last year and helped me with the GV-1 on my Whippy.

Adam was interested in trying the Heli-Xheli kit over the HB (Heli Bug) kit. So we talked, and then I talked to Carey Shurley about it after reading his build thread. Then I placed an order with Adam for the Heli-Xheli kit (in carbon fiber, special order) with the generator kit. I liked the fact of direct servo control - no bellcranks, it has its own damped electronic trays - doesn't use the Trex plastic tray, the fuel tank is tilted to minimize space, materials are graphite, aluminum and steel, uses the Zenoah r/c clutch and bell assembly, and its pre-drilled for generator installation.

I plan on installing a generator on this heli, which will keep my LiIon charged! Basically never needing to charge the battery in the heli…cool! This kit isn’t that bad in price, about the same as the other conversion kits. However, its $80 more for the carbon fiber version and you need to wait a week or two longer for it to be cut. The normal kits are made of G10.

So I ordered the RC300 motor, the Heli-Xheli gasser conversion kit, and a few extra parts needed for the conversion, per Carey Shurley. This would include; Align Bearing Blocks 700E, Align T700 DFC Linkage Ball Assembly, Align 115T Mod 1 main gear, Align Main Blade Linkage Rod, Align Landing Skid Nuts, HPI steel clutch bell, Zenoah 23cc - 29cc Zenoah RC style motor or equivalent, Standard Zenoah clutch or equivalent, and a mid-sized throttle servo - Futaba BLS153. And anything else I may need to once again upgrade my Trex 700N…to gas.

I took the electronics out (servos and Total-G FBL controller) and donated them to Bob’s Trex 550E. All that Bob needed was some servos. My Trex 700N servos have around 335 flights on them so I couldn’t see charging him for those. Those Align servo owe me nothing, I’ve gotten more from them than I expected…of course it would have been nice to see just how far they could have gone before failing…due to age/usage?

So that takes care of 4 heli’s! The Agile 7.2 heli to replace my electric Whippy…then the Trex 700N/G to become the mainline gasser, and the gas Whippy as a secondary heli…and last, finishing the repairs/programming to Bob’s electric heli.

The left over’s from my piddly tax return went for spare parts for the other 2 Whiplash’s. So for a week, small packages started showing up until Thursday…then it was raining packages! Everything showed up at once. So I opened everything and proceeded to organize all the parts and the Agile kit.

I was working on Bob’s heli until I found out the tail output was bent! I found this when I went to power up the motor and replacement ESC (I gave him a spare Align 75amp ESC w/BEC) to verify the motor was spinning the correct direction. I kept the motor wires inside the frame so you would need to remove the bottom plate and landing gear to swap wires. I thought it would be a good time to test it before assembling everything before the actual test flight. And not only did I find the output shat bent, but the right side frame is broke, but still flyable. I’ll glue the joint for now, at least until the next crash, and then it WILL be replaced.

To be continued...
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