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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:18:2014

Posted 03-18-2014 at 07:03 AM by rcnut
Updated 03-21-2014 at 06:24 AM by rcnut

Come on warmer weather!!! I am so tired of the cold...

Agile 7.2 build So I put Bob’s heli aside as I was waiting for a replacement tail output shaft, and started in on my new Agile 7.2 electric heli. This is one interesting heli, to say the least. At first glance, it looks as if there’s a coating on the carbon fiber, a wax coating? All the metal parts are machined nice and shiny or they’re anodized. It seems there are a lot of smaller baggies of screws, washers, grub screws, and nuts. Normally I’m used to have all the “nuts and bolts’ with each stage of assembly, but not in this case.

First order is the building instructions. No paper instruction here, just the small CD. In my case, the CD was broken. So I resorted to the internet, found the instructions, printed them out, and I was good to go. Before I started pulling everything from the box, I looked through the manual first, and then looked at all the bags and parts in the kit. I proceeded to organize all the parts in groups of their own kind, considering the screws are not packaged with each assembly. So a good set of instruction are needed and having several heli build will help a lot with this process.

The build starts off with the battery tray, installing the standoffs. I tried to add some Velcro to the plate, but it wouldn’t stick. That’s when I discovered this coating on the carbon fiber. I first tried some alcohol, no good (hindsight; didn’t try hard enough), then I used some 320 grit sandpaper…this worked. I’m not sure what the coating is for, but ok, I can work around it. And like most builds, the battery tray is mounted to one side of the frame, and then everything else is built off of that frame side.

At first, this frame didn’t look strong enough until I bolted the other frame on. As I added the other pieces of the assembly, it started looking like a heli and became very rigid. I assembled this heli in about 7 hours, minus attaching the tail assembly due to working on the electronics first. Once the programming is done, I’ll install the tail assembly and program the tail end points. I decided to hold off from adjusting the belt tension with the motor while I lay out the ESC wires. I mounted the CC Ice 120HV ESC to the front tray, as the instruction suggested. The 3 phase wires are long enough to reach the Xera motor. I ran the power wires inside the frame to the LiPo’s for protection. I routed all the servo wires to the center of the heli and plugged them into the AR7200BX.

Next up is programming… I started with some of the programming on ESC, I wanted to make sure the motor direction was correct…then I found the reverse option in the software! Ok, looks as if I need to do some research on this ESC. I asked a couple of questions in the heli forums and was shown the way to what I was looking for. So I put the ESC programming on hold for now. Instead, I turned my attention to finishing installing the linkages and setting up the swashplate. Using the AR7200BX (or programming with the Beast X), setting up the swashplate is a breeze. Push and hold the button on the Beast X controller until the flashing orange’ish LED stops flashing and remains steady, press the button until the LED stops at the letter “G” on the controller. This puts the servos [including the tail servo] to the center of travel.

I leveled the swashplate, installed the main blades and setup the linkages to obtain zero degree pitch, then proceeded to finish with the rest of the Beast X programming. I was getting ready to mount the boom assembly and Bob called. He wanted to come over and pickup his Whiplash gasser so he could work on it…he was bored out of his mind and looking for something to do! I explained I needed to work on his motor before we replace any of the gears for fear of stripping out any more gears…now that the company MA is closed and parts for the Whiplash/X-Cell type helis are no longer available!

He agreed and fessed up that made more sense, but it didn’t solve his boredom. So I put my Agile 7.2 heli aside [as I do with a lot of my heli projects!] and started working on his gasser…

Bob’s Whiplash gasser I finally got around to looking at Bob’s Whiplash. After consulting with Toxic Al, about what was going on with Bob’s heli after the motor rebuild, Al told me to put the newer carburetor on instead of the original carb. And this was a good time to inspect the gaskets for possible damage, which might explain why the motor is rough running and hard to tune.

I pulled the fuel lines off, removed the throttle linkage, and removed the air filter. Once the carb was off and in my hands, it became extremely obvious as to why this motor was so difficult to adjust! The gasket, between the adapter and engine case was installed backwards, smashed (deformed), and somewhat melted. The screws that hold this gasket in place had pieces of the gasket material stuck to the threads and a small chunk was at the end of the screw, as if the machine screw was used to create a hole in the gasket. There is a small hole for fuel to travel through, from the carb to the crankcase. This passage was blocked off.

After seeing this, I proceeded to remove the adapter plate/spacer to see the condition of that gasket as well…it was not any better! I cleaned everything, removed the pieces of gasket material from the threaded hole and installed the new gasket set. I installed the newer carburetor and air filter bottom plate, and filter. Set the throttle linkage and connected the fuel lines. I had to replace the 3 bevel gears, as the last time out, all 3 gears stripped.

I haven’t performed a test flight yet, as I will finish Bob’s Trex 550E heli and then test both. I need to finish setting up the swashplate linkages and replace the tail output shaft. This shouldn’t take too long to do. That will make 2 heli’s off my workbench! 2 more heli's to go!!!

To be continued...
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