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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli Log 4:30:2014

Posted 04-30-2014 at 04:00 PM by rcnut

The last day of April!

I took a while for the weather to clear up and provide some nice days of flying. I mounted the Jewel generator system with 2 super bright LED’s and a volt meter. Now was the time to see if this system would charge my LiPo…a Relion 5200mAh square pack that needed charging. I met the guys (Bob and Mark) at Mr. C’s for breakfast and we talked about what we wanted to accomplish for the day. We arrived at our practice field only to find park flying plankers in our spot.

No problem, we’ll share… So off we went to Jerry’s house. Jerry has plenty of room to fly! I brought 4 heli's this time, both of my gassers, my Rave and Agile.

Jerry, Leroy, and Steve were in the hanger with the big hanger door closed…and actual airplane hangar! Well Bob took off to see the guys inside and I decided to "test" the air with my Agile. I really let this heli rip and the blades were "barking" loud! Mark was getting a kick at the power my Agile has and was happy to see it flying…finally.

Mark put up his Raptor 50 to get warmed up…before the maiden on his second Whippy. Then Bob went up, but it was my time to say hi to everyone inside, and then Jerry and I disappeared inside his house to look at his latest projects in the basement. Then it was back to the hanger for more socializing. I was told Bob put his Whiplash in. It was a bit gusty, and he lost orientation low to the ground. The damage is minimal…Boom bent some, one broke boom support, bent mainshaft, all three servo horns broken, one swashplate link bent, both blades, and some damage to the canopy. It could have been worse if he was higher. However, this ended his flying spirits. He packed up and went home. Mark and I talked about this for some time, and I asked what he was going to do if this happens at IRCHA!

I told Mark I could see Bob packing up and driving back home, possibly leaving me stranded at IRCHA. Mark said not to worry, as I would definitely have a ride home. Bob gets moody like that…sad.

Then I fired up my Trex700G and proceeded to tune the motor some. After I was happy with how it sounded and performed, I finished the flight…20 minutes later! During the generator install, I had swapped LiPo packs, a LiIon for the LiPo pack. The LiIon pack needed charging, it was at 7.4 volt and the 8 Ball-tester said it was 6.8 volts under a one amp load. This was great; I wanted to see if the generator would actually charge up the pack! The LiIon started at 7.76 volts according to the volt meter. At the end of the second flight, the meter was showing 8.2 volts! It's working! Mark was impressed. The LiIon pack is a Fromeco Relion 5200mAh square pack.

Well, now it’s time to maiden Marks new Whippy! I grabbed his radio and moved away from him, sitting on my tailgate, and preceded to run through the programming. In the meantime, Mark was filling the tank. Once happy with the settings, to start with, he brought the motor to life. I brought the throttle up slowly and gently lifted his heli into the air. Everything looked good, so a little higher. The motor sounded rich and his heli was flying very smooth. The controls were very slow, so I landed and took out some expo and increased the tail response…much better!

I started with some gentle laps around the field, then landed for one minute…side note: Mark is horrible at keeping time! LoL! I had to keep asking for the time. No buggy, I'm used to the 2 minutes up and 1 minute down in my head. I had set Mark's radio timer for 7 minutes just in case. 30 seconds from the radio beeping at us, we checked the fuel supply, expecting the tank to have plenty of fuel left…but that wasn't the case! It was almost empty!? What??? We went through 14 oz of fuel in 7 minutes! I asked Mark where he set the needles…low 1-3/8, high 1-1/2.

The only difference between his heli and mine, is the mufflers! I have the Century V2 and he is using the Hatori V3 (the one for the TRM270 motor…r12?). It’s possible the Hatori muffler is not allowing the motor to breath enough, too much restriction on the motor. It has plenty of power…(Note: found out Mark had set the needles twice! He was working on his heli a little bit too long, needing a break, forgot he had adjusted both needle at the beginning. Then when he was extremely tired and needed to walk away for a while, he adjusted the needles again. So 1-3/8 became 1-3/4, and 1-1/2 became 3 turns out! No wonder his motor went through the fuel! But it ran great)

After that, I put my Agile up for the second flight. Then Mark wanted to fly his new Whippy, so I watched and timed for him, plus tacked his head. Then I burned up 2 more batteries in my Agile, and then called it quits.

Except for Bob crashing his Whippy, it was a great day! And tiring!! Mark and I were trashed, we needed a nap! I got home, made supper, and passed out for an hour! Too much fresh air.

The following weekend, more fun in the sun was on tap! Bob, Mark, and I met at Doc's for breakfast (so far, they have the best biscuits and gravy in Rockford). Afterwards, it was out to the practice field. There was a gentleman there shooting off problem, we can wait. In the meantime, Mark and I looked over our heli's verifying everything was good to go.

The last rocket went up and it was our time to play! I started off and put on a pretty good show for those watching, and then it was Marks turn. Bob came out to watch as his Whippy is still down and Bob didn't feel like chancing his only heli at this time. Mark on the other hand is feeling more comfortable with his Whippy as his turns are getting better.

His motor was sounding a bit sluggish and I was asked to tune it up a bit. Then Mark wanted me to wring it out for him...another words fly it like it was mine. I told him I would need to adjust the setting some in his radio. Something a bit more responsive... He grabbed his tablet, set it to record and off I went! I put his heli through a lot of maneuvers with 1850 & 1950 head speeds. The Hanson RC300 motor kept running like a train!

After that, I had a need for speed, so I pulled out my Agile 7.2 electric and did just about every I could think of. That 5 minutes went by so fast, by the time I was getting into a groove, the alarm was going off and it was time to land. Crap! Wish it was a gasser! Mark has been wanting to breakout of his normal routine and tries some circles. He pulled out his Raptor G4 nitro heli, and chickened out during the flight. Bob mention he buddy box with me to help him through it a few times.

So we setup my radio by copying his profile into my radio. Did a preflight check and now it was time to see if he could do it. The first attempt failed. Mark lost it in the part of the circle coming at us. He got excited and said loudly to take it! "Ok, I got it...relax!" I showed him how it is supposed to look by flying a circle in front of us nice and easy explaining what I was doing through the turns. I landed and gave him the controls. He tried it again and failed again coming right for us..."I got Mark" as I banked somewhat hard to the left. "Ok, let's do this a little differently". "This time, fly slower and use the rudder more". Well, the wind was picking up and making matters worse for Mark, so I had him do shallow stall turns. He did great for about 5 turns, then started messing up. "Fly out the tank doing figure 8 turns".

Mark started relaxing and did the figure 8's really well. As we were walking back to our trucks, he commented he liked having me on a bubby box..."it’s like, you're my reset button on my radio!" We had a good laugh over that comment and as I thought about it, he was right! I never thought about it that way... Well this is the way I'm going to get him to start learning more stuff. He has a mental block on his left side and it messes with him something times. We shall see how this works.

At the end of our flying for the day, I mentioned to Mark I wasn’t happy with my Trex700G. It’s not that it isn’t flying well…it feels to much like a trainer heli than a 3D monster like my Agile.

I have a second Whiplash gasser that I bought used shortly after the Miniature Aircraft closing announcement…

So I decided to strip out all the electronics and motor and install them into my other Whiplash gasser…

Whiplash gasser #2 maiden coming soon!
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