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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 1:3:2015

Posted 01-03-2015 at 06:46 AM by rcnut

Well here we are…a new year…January! Happy New Year everyone!

We've been blessed so far, no snow, unlike this time last year 2'+. During my two weeks of from work, Christmas/New Year shut down, I took advantage of the better weather, after Christmas, to get some flights in. Mark was out of town visiting family. I managed 5 flights on my Rave and 5 on my Goblin gasser. The weather was almost spring like, calm winds and temps close to 50 degrees. However, as the sun pasted the half way point in the sky, the temps fell off fast!

I tried going out again, only this time it was windy and it was a cross wind at the field. The wind cut right through me as if I wasn't wearing a coat! My hands froze in the radio glove and provided no comfort. One flight and it was more than I could bare.

On New Year's Eve, a buddy of mine text me that I only needed 51 more flights to obtain 300 flights for the year! I told him it could only be done if I flew my indoor electrics. He said get going! So the race was on! At 3 minutes to midnight, I put up the 300th flight for the year and rang in the new year with the end of the flight 3 minutes later! Of course I had 6-1/2 hours to pull it off and a handful of Blade mCPx LiPo's. That is the most exercise those LiPo's and helis got! I also have multiples of LiPos for my Blade 130 & 180.

I had several crashes with the mCPx and is now in desperate need of some replacement parts! But it lives to fly another day! New Year's Day, our club has a first of the year fly and chili cookout. I missed the chili, but managed 2 flights for the new year with my Goblin gasser. The next day was almost like the Sunday after Christmas! 34 degrees and 0-4 mph winds straight out of the South…wind at my back! Perfect!

I wanted to log some serious hours on my Rave, but it had different ideas! Two minutes left of the first flight of the day, and the tail started twitching? It wasn't giving me any fits…until I brought in from an auto! Once on the ground, I moved the tail stick and saw no movement on the heli, oh wait, there it goes! Now it's working. Hmm…I throttle up into a hover and bounce the tail left and then right…it's working. So I fly it closer to me (I auto'd 30 feet away from me) and land. I let the head speed bleed off and then tried to move the tail left and right, but this time it's not working.

I killed the motor and brought my heli back to my truck. Power is still on ,the tail doesn't respond to any commands I give it. I move the tail servo horn and it acts as if its dead. A second later it is humming, but won't move to any stick commands. Great, there goes another servo. On the flip side, I didn't loose tail control while performing any spinning maneuver, or crash my heli trying to bring it in with a dead tail servo. So I cleaned it up and put it away.

Out comes the Goblin gasser, good ole faithful. This heli has been flying great, but I did notice an exhaust leak at the header. Oil has sprayed the side of the canopy, motor, and frame. I'm using the Hong Kong RJX muffler on the TRM275 special (the red edition). I wound up making some gaskets for it as the muffler started leaking early on. So after 50 some flights, looks like I need to replace the gasket. Maybe I'll use some gasket sealer this time.

I put up two flights with the spark plug temp steady at 200 degrees. A bit cooler than where it normally runs. So being the only one at the school (Mark had to work today ), I worked on some of my weaker orientation skills. There were some areas in the sky I had slight problems seeing, as the day turned overcast. Due to that big storm front coming in (yep! Snow is coming to the midwest). So I kept my Goblin close and everything was good once again. I only managed 2 flight with my Goblin as the sky was getting darker by the minute.

So it is time to pickup and go home to work on other home projects…sanding, staining, sealing, painting, etc. I'm using this time off to repaint my bedroom, replace all the trim, and even replaced the door with a 6 panel oak door, stained in golden oak…along with all the trim. During the in-between sealing of trim and after the walls are painted and drying, I'll look into the rudder issue on my Rave. I have an extra tail servo that I can use, but want to see what happened to this one.

When I bought this servo, it didn't feel right. This servo was brand new and it was very stiff to move by hand without power applied to it. This isn't normal for any servo, especially a high voltage tail servo!

More on what I find out…
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