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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:30:15

Posted 03-30-2015 at 10:48 AM by rcnut

Now it’s almost the end of March! Come on warmer weather!!!

Well my N7 dilemma continued until Friday the 20th. I dropped the motor only to find the hub was spinning on the motor shaft. A check of the nut…and it was tight! Great, I trashed the hub, but wait, there’s more! I thought I had shrunk down (crushed) the hub enough that it would spin with enough torque from the motor. So I tried to use a washer under the nut.

That didn’t work, the hub spun off the second I tried to start it. So I tried a lock washer…too thick, the clutch was crammed into the clutch bell. I tried a thinner lock washer…same results. Ok, ok…I found a thin washer, but no matter where I put it, the fan hub spun off or shoved the clutch into the clutch bell. Well the Birmingham Heli Fun Fly (Do the Ditch!) is coming up, like less than a week away, I’ll take it there and see if I can get some help (remember this phrase…“see if I can get some help”).

Now in the mist of all of this…the Rave decided it needed some attention, so for whatever reason, the fan hub broke in two! Yep, the fan and clutch separated from the base of the hub that is bolted to the motor. Wonderful…not! So I had to place a rush order for a new hub.

And to make matters even more interesting…I landed my Goblin gasser a bit hard from an auto, it tipped over and broke one link and bent the rod, broke one servo arm (elevator), and one blade. Even though the damage was very minimal, it’s another heli that will need attention! So here it is Monday, 2-1/2 days before leaving for the B-Ham fun fly. No parts yet and oh, by the way, I had placed an order for the Avant Mostro Nitro heli almost a week ago Wednesday! I ordered that heli 2-day mail. No tracking number and no status update. Ok, I’m beginning to panic now, no parts, and no heli, looks as if I’m missing this fun fly…again. So I send an email to Carbon Extreme explaining my situation. I tell them if they can’t deliver the heli by Wednesday, cancel the order and I’ll place it again when I get back.

I get a reply from them, it has shipped today! (this was on Monday) Ok…now I have to wait! Tuesday all the parts that I ordered showed up. Now it’s fixed this heli and hopefully test fly, then fix that heli and test fly, and… Well I never did get the test flights in. Wednesday…the Mostro Nitro showed up!

I had a couple of hours to mess with it and before needing to pack up for the fun fly. In no time, I had the mono-plate built. 1/3 of this heli built. I had to stop working on it and start packing for the long trip south, to Birmingham Alabama. I took the Synergy N7, Rave, and Goblin gasser in hopes to test fly them there and to get the N7 fixed.

The Birmingham Alabama Fun Fly

The trip to Alabama was a very long an boring drive, for me, 770 miles in one day, plus working 4 hours before the drive down. I had a half day of vacation to use, so I opted to work the first half of the day and drive the rest of the day to the fun fly. This way I would be there for the full day Friday. And it was a good thing I did just that. The weather wasn’t the best, mostly overcast with some sun peeking out from time to time. It rained some & drizzled some off and on, hazy throughout the day.

I arrived in Birmingham at the hotel at 11:10 pm…dang, my iPhone map was right! None the less, I was tired. Checking in was so easy, they had all the information needed and had me checked-in in less than 5 minutes! It was as if they were waiting for me! Ok, I’m in and ready for sleep. I get to my room, set everything down, and then get a good look at the place… And WOW! My room looked great! The colors matched, it looked warm and inviting, there was plenty of room to setup, plenty of outlets, and then there’s the bathroom! The shower was huge! Wish my bathroom had a shower that big! 4 people could have taken a shower at the same time…it was that big! Well color coordinated, well lit…lighting, plenty of counter space.

Any other hotels that I’ve stayed at, you’re given just enough room to breathe. They’re somewhat cramped, smelly, and dingy like it needs a paint job, basically just barely presentable, and costly. So it was treat to have a nice place to crash after a long day of flying. No continental breakfast though… However, I did get a free breakfast out of the deal… 2:00 AM Saturday morning; I was awakened by the fire alarm!

There was a wedding party that was staying at the hotel that weekend. A 21 year old and his girlfriend thought it would be cool to pull the fire alarm…at 2:00 AM! Everyone in the building was now outside in the cold waiting for the fire department to show up and shut off that annoying sound. I told the desk clerk to tie that person to one of the pillars and we each give him one lash from a bull’s whip! I was told in the morning breakfast was free and they had the person on video. The cops had some very nice things to say to him!

Back to Friday; I headed to the fun fly and found a place to setup. I found my buddy Mike (funny, we became good friends through the forums and phone before meeting face to face) and he introduced me to his pals. Raja and Larry were there and decided to tent under the permanent shelter. It was almost the who’s who list of people there. Big “D”, Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts, Nick Maxwell, Matt & Amy Botos, and many others I don’t remember off the top of my head.

I setup my pop-up and table, and then brought out my Synergy and tools. I watched everyone for a bit, and then walked around meeting people. Shortly, a call was shouted out for the pilots meeting, it was short and brief. Then it was time to try and fix my fan hub problem. I headed straight for Matt Botos. I waited my turn to talk to him, and then introduced myself. Matt remembered me from the emails we sent back and forth. I mentioned the fan hub issue and he asked how I installed it.

As it turned out, I did it wrong! And Matt insisted he give me a new fan hub…free of charge! Well, there’s more to the story than that. So I head back to my tent and proceed to replace the fan hub. Once finished with that job…I asked one person for a little help… (remember what I said earlier? …“see if I can get some help”). Well I should have known better than to ask for that…I didn’t get just one person, I got 10 people coming over to help! I was over whelmed! Within a couple of hours, the second problem was solved! As it turned out…it was the factory tape I was using, it was too soft for a nitro heli, causing havoc with the aileron. Once it was replaced, my N7 flew for the most part, hands off. Now I’m totally happy…well, almost, I need to re-adjust the expos on the aileron, elevator, and rudder. The next and last issue to fix is the carburetor. I managed two flights on Friday and one on Saturday trying to tune the motor.

Saturday, I mainly spent a good portion of the day shopping, talking with others, and watching the “pros” rip up the sky. There were some cool maneuvers I want to try! Afterwards, everyone started packing up due to the rain storm that was coming, so I followed suite. Besides, campers (aka, the really big ones…slide outs) don’t do so well on grass and mud!

So, Raja, Larry, and I ventured out for some of Alabama’s finest cuisines. This time it was for BBQ Ribs! However, we were a bit disappointed with the restaurant. The ribs tasted ok, but the meat stuck to the bones hard, there was a fair amount of gristle, and their BQ sauce…a vinegar/spice/hot sauce mixture, didn’t come close to tasting like a BBQ sauce…sorry! Ok, next year, we won’t go there.

My first trip to Birmingham Alabama was great! The people there, besides the fun fly, were very friendly and warm. It made me feel as if I belonged there. However, the drive home was long and boring. The sun finally broke out while I was leaving Kentucky and into Illinois. Now it was a race home, and possibly hit the flying field for the last couple of flights of the day. But no such luck there, it was dark by the time I arrive home. I was tired and sore from sitting 11 hours.

Monday I still had off for vacation, or the intended trip home from Alabama. So I used that time to build my new Mostro Nitro heli…

More to come on the Mostro!
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