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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:1:2015

Posted 06-01-2015 at 04:13 PM by rcnut
Updated 06-02-2015 at 09:23 AM by rcnut

The start of June! Summer begins???

They say that after Memorial Day, Summer begins. Umm, really?

My heli update;

My Synergy N7 is now performing awesome! I switched to 15% Wildcat fuel (now made by Byron Originals) and just a slight needle adjustment was needed. So my skills are what’s left to improve…LoL! The Rave, on the other hand, after replacing my original Rave, the electronic decided to act up, specifically, the tail servo. (Recap)I managed to get several flights (part of a tuning session) on it before the servo acted up. On the 3rd flight of the day and as I walked my heli out, I noticed the tail servo wasn’t moving, it was locked all the way over to the left (tail going right). I moved the tail stick and nothing happened. Ok, this is strange. So I killed the motor and walked it back to my truck, removed the canopy and tried moving the rudder by hand…locked! I unplugged the battery and the servo would move like any unpowered servo. Ok, plug the battery in, and the servo went hard over.

Well this heli is done for the day! I wasn’t sure what was going on, one possibility, the feedback pot is damaged. I removed the top to inspect the gears, and all are fine? I pulled the bottom gear plate off and this exposes the motor and the feedback pot. The motor was running after I plugged the battery in, and I was able to “center” the gears to make the motor stop turning. I put everything back together and the servo appeared to be working fine. So I reinstalled the servo into the Rave, powered it up and now it is working fine? (Finish Recap) Until the next time I went out, this time the servo is completely dead. I ordered a BK7005 tail servo, or so I thought. No, instead, I ordered the mini tail servo!

In the meantime, I was going through the sale ads trying to get an idea of what the Mostro nitro frame might go for. I had a value in mind, but wanted to see if I was in the ball park…I was. Then I found a Gaui X4 for sale, BNF with lots of spare parts. This little heli interest me due to being able to convert it to gasoline and give the electric counterpart a run for its money! And the fact the company offers a gas conversion kit! The NX4 looks in great shape and the owner seems honest and straight forth. He (Robert) mentioned a possible trade in the ad… So I asked him if he would be interested in a Mostro Nitro heli. He was, so we struck a deal and traded him my Mostro for his Gaui. This Gaui NX4 is a nitro heli, stretched, using the YS50 motor and 515/16mm Rail blades. I pulled all the electronics out of my Mostro; packed it up and sent it off…I hope I did the right thing!

I borrowed the BK7005 tail servo from the Mostro heli to use on my Rave. It didn’t take long to install it and set it up in the Spartan data pod…maybe a whole 20 minutes. Mark and I ventured out this last Sunday for some wild heli fun! It was wild alright, 20+ mph winds, gusting to almost 30 mph, chilly, 62 degrees and sunny! I wanted to see how the BK servo would act in my Rave, so it was up first. I needed to drop the gyro gain some and a few clicks on the carb needles. Now the Rave is awesome…once again! I put 9 flights on my Rave and it kept on flying.

Heli maneuver practice…

Mark had asked about performing knife-edge fly-bys. I explained what and how it is done, and then showed him.
Considering I haven’t flow my Rave much, and now it is flying a lot better…I decided to try some piro-flips with it. I wanted to see how it reacts versus the N7. The Rave flips better, not needing as much follow-through as the N7. So I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad. I will need to get with someone to figure this out…maybe it is the way I have the two helis setup? Can’t say right now…

Performing piro-flips on the Rave is much easier than the N7, and I was able to flip past 10 flips in a row keeping the flip almost stationary! This means I can bring it down some, closer to the ground! Ah, not too close anytime soon.
Side Tic-Toc’s, I have reached a new level! I’ve doubled my normal speed and found out I don’t need as much collective as I thought! I seen a video where a pilot was performing superfast Tic-Toc’s and had his left hand in the air! Yes, it was in a “Pinion” video I believe. So I’m not sure if that is true…could be, I’ll find out…some day!

Mark, on the other hand is getting a mind full of maneuvers to work on. This last weekend was the roll, nose-in hovering, and split “S”. Along with, well, more like nose-in flying backwards, and autos from his left to his right side. Now I get to call out the maneuvers and watch him perform them. I’ll setup the transitional maneuvers for him so he can focus on the actual maneuvers, and then I’ll teach him how to transition from one maneuver to another. But for the most part (aside from being a great friend) he is becoming my human remote control! LoL!

All-in-all, we are having a lot of fun learning/teaching and just plain flying!
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