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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 7:9:2015

Posted 07-09-2015 at 11:41 AM by rcnut

Here we are in July! The forth is over and the month is picking up speed. I won't be long now........IRCHA Baby!........ I can't believe its almost that time again!

Heli updates:

My N7…

The Synergy N7 was doing great, but the clutch stack decided to lock up last weekend, on the 5th flight. Come to find out (and with the help from the forums) the fan hub moved up on the crankshaft forcing the clutch into the clutch bell and finally applying pressure against the bearings in the clutch stack. The bearings didn’t like that too much and proceeded to heat up severely, to the point of fusing the inner race to the pinion gear, partial melting of the ball bearing cage inside holding the balls in place, and over hardening the ball bearings to the point of…well some of them had crumbled into fine particles of…metal dust.

When I finally opened the clutch stack, after cutting the start cup off with my dremel tool and cutoff wheel, the insides were covered in ball bearing dust, ground up metal. As I tried to disassemble the stack, some of the ball bearings would crumble as I touched them. So I ordered new replacement parts and cleaned up what I could.

In the meantime, amidst all of this, Mark made mention about a sale the new Heliproz was having (now owned by “Amains Hobby”), on the YS120SRX motor and Hatori SB-23 muffler. So without Mark knowing, I ordered one, and I’ll install it into my N7! However, Mark did a little digging and found out I had order one as it was the last one in stock…and he called and inquired about it. So much for the element of surprise! LoL!

I received the first of two YS120SRX motors (yep, I had ordered one from RC Japan), earlier this week. I started the transfer of motors, and using the new / backup fan hub on the YS. Now from everything Mark has said about this motor (reading reports from the internet), it should be a lot better than all the “SR/T” type motors. …smoother running, easier tuning, and more power! This is a long stroke motor, so it should have more torque. A torque monster!

I opened the back to have a peek inside, I wanted to see what had changed if anything. The crank is different now; it has balancing slugs pressed into the weight end of the crank to properly set the balance. I noticed this on Mark’s new Raptor G820 heli on the first flight…very smooth, and powerful! (more on this…)

The second motor was going to be for my resurrected Rave. I started buying parts for it in the hopes of putting it back together a little at a time…well, I changed my mind, more on that in just a minute…

More to come on the YS120SRX!

Synergy N5C

My N5C is doing just fine, but missing a lot of the action…I think the other two helis are jealous! I don’t know…must be a size thing (aka identity crises).

Rave 90 ENV

My Rave is flight great once again. The repairs were minimal…blades, muffler, landing gear, and my stock canopy. That canopy is…ok…however, Bill is almost finished fixing my Sick Canopy. It suffered a hard landing with a tip over from a botched auto, no breaks, just a lot of chipped paint. That canopy will go on my Rave.

However, I decided to sell my Rave. My heli fleet has become too large for me, and keeping up with this many helis, I can’t. So I’m going to scale back, keep a couple gassers, 3-4 nitro’s, and a couple of electrics.

The Gaui NX4

The Gaui is collecting dust now. It flies, but have no interest in it, so it is for sale. I’m getting my helis in order for IRCHA next month, so anything that has any type of problem will get looked at and flown until fixed.

Bill’s N5C & Fury 55

Bill has a new motor for his Synergy N5C. He’s put a couple of flights on it and it is doing fine. I guess I need for him to learn on his own versus doing it for him. He still complains about his Fury though… Some people just like to have “something” to complain about! Maybe I should buy his Fury?.............

Mark’s new Raptor G820…

Mark found a G820 electric for sale and decided to buy it and convert it to nitro. The intent was to keep it as a backup in-case he / or something bad happened to his G4.1. Well one thing led to another…he found a deal on the servos. And then found a deal on an YS120SRX and Hatori muffler, and all the conversion parts to make it a nitro heli. It took him a little while to gather everything including his growing inpatients. But alas, it was finished and time for the maiden flight! Mark had pulled a late night finishing the build which should have waited, but he wanted to see it hover and hear that motor run!

So I took over the final touches finishing this monster, and what a monster it is! Basically, it’s a G4.1 stretched to an 820, with 785mm main blades, and 116mm tail blades…big!!! I finished off the fuel lines, and then walked through all the programming. I doubled checked his heli making sure nothing was missed. Due to the size of this heli and the potential harm it could bring if anything wasn’t right, I didn’t want Mark or myself to get hurt, and not to mention breaking his new heli! We went over the needle settings one more time and even dry ran (very short bursts with the electric starter) a start to hear if the carb was open or closed…it was right.

So now the moment of truth…Mark fired up the new YS motor and came to life purring like a kitten. He pulled the glow igniter off, and the motor stopped running after several seconds? It was loading up at idle! Ok, so I made an adjustment, a little bit lean. This allowed us to get the heli almost to the launch pad…and then it quit! Arrrg! I told Mark to leave his glow igniter on and all that I plan to do is hover…I wanted to check the controls.

The tail gain was too high as I backed it down from 60 (my initial setting based on a regular nitro size heli) to 38. The 38% setting in the radio is for the Beast X controller, Mark bought the AR7300BX. It looks sweet, and it’s a lot bigger in size. The cool part it the bigger gauge power wires coming from the AR7300BX with an EC3 connector. So now the tail is working the way it’s supposed to. However, this beast of a motor is too rich and doesn’t want to stay running on its own at an idle, and the head speed is a bit low. I killed the motor (a good time to try the throttle kill) and said to Mark, “let’s put some regular size blades on this monster.

He had a set of V-Blade’s, and on they went. This time the motor was running like a freight train! The rpm’s came up to a respectable speed and it sounded mean! I was able to finish checking the radio controls and was getting ready to fly around some until we heard a sound coming from the clutch area. We stopped and shut everything down to look at it later. As it turned out, it was the start shaft that had a little slop in it, and it was riding on the clutch, not that big of a deal, but annoying. The one good thing that came from all of this, I have the motor running better now (after adjusting the carb and idle needles some), and now it doesn’t need the glow driver to keep running.

To be continued…

Heli maneuver practice…

Ok…nothing really to report…I still suck at piro-flips in real time, but I’m getting awesome on the sim! Go figure! Still playing with transitions, like; traveling back flip stopping inverted, and then into a half piro-flip to finish flying right side up backwards, banking pilot left [heli left], and while in the bank, forward flip to inverted forward moving into a hurricane, while slowly pirouetting. Like I said a work in progress!

Just playing around, seeing what works…finding my own groove!

Until next time!
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