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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 7:14:2015

Posted 07-14-2015 at 10:29 AM by rcnut
Updated 07-16-2015 at 08:37 AM by rcnut

Tomorrow marks the middle of the month…of July! Where is the time going??? It won’t be long now……IRCHA baby! Yep…...the “IRCHA” holiday is right around the corner!!!

Yea, I’m excited alright, another week of heli fun in the sun. But it’s also a sad time as well, meaning summer is almost over, and the dreaded short days and the cold white stuff is coming! I plan on looking into the OXY 3 heli at the IRCHA Jamboree for some indoor flying at church. The church I go to, Westminster Presbyterian, allows Mark and I to use the gym after the services and when it’s not in use. Pretty cool! We are also looking into buying quad racers with FPV abilities. Then we could use the whole church to play hide and seek! FPV style!

I would like to attach my GoPro camera to this quad and shoot some pics of the winter scenery around my house, and the flying field. A long time ago, when I was on North Park Fire Dept. (volunteer), I was assigned to the ladder truck, 854. Training night was on Monday’s, and we would climb that 85 foot ladder every Monday night. One winter night, it had just snowed earlier in the day, and the view from 85 feet up later that night was breath taking! Everything looked so clean, so fresh, and quiet. The sky was perfectly clear. And above the trees and city lights, the stars came to life. I didn’t want to come down, but the officer of the truck was yelling to come down, it was someone else’s turn. So I would like to recapture that time of year and snap a few pics. Maybe this year…

Heli updates:

My N7…

I finished the repairs to my N7. Of the two YS120SRX motors I ordered from RC Japan and Heliproz (Amain Hobby), the 120 motor from RC Japan showed up first, so it became the new motor for my N7…with a Hatori FAI style muffler. The other muffler is the “3D” version. Everything was “plug & play” per sa. The motor dropped right in and lined up perfectly. I plumbed the tank and motor, also have a header tank on it…recommended. Set the needles, and then went to attach the throttle link. However, the shaft on the barrel, of the carb, is a lot shorter than the O.S. motors. I will look into getting an extension, or see if I have a double ball link that I can use…from the old MA days.

So now it’s the moment of truth, first flight. I did my normal pre-flight check (I need to revise this as you will read in a bit), and checked the needle settings one last time. It took a bit to get the motor started with the right amount of throttle trim. And I was off!

The motor ran fine for the first flight. The tail had a twitch every now and then, mostly due to the rich needle settings…normal. Even during a couple of autos, the motor ran just fine. But things didn’t get crazy until the second flight! I filled the tank, and checked everything over, started the motor, put the heli into a hover, and I’m off and flying. I do many hovering piros, left, right, holding it in one place, letting the motor warm up.

I start flying around, figure “8” style. Bill decided to leave and yelled out to us goodbye, which right at that time I gently rolled my N7 to inverted. The motor is running fine, and I have a nice forward speed going…Bill’s watching, and Mark is by me, and then BAM! 5 feet off the deck and the tail goes out. I try to gain control, but nothing is there! I tell myself…half flip, half flip, but the hands don’t know what to do! I’m dumb-founded, and I just watch my heli smash into the ground in the worst way possible…but in my mind.

I’ve seen this many times and all I can do is wait for it to happen. This sucks! A newly repainted canopy (it looks awesome by the way), a new motor & muffler (second flight), and not to mention a new heli. This flashed in my mind as I watched it drift away from me. Spinning slowly inverted. I said “NO!, Not this time” I waited for the tail to come around and attempted to flip it right side up…it didn’t want to. So I flipped into throttle hold and hovered it close to the ground until the blades almost stopped. My N7 landed on the head without breaking anything…well visually, bent both blade links, and stripped one aileron servo horn, plus the ball link came out of the servo horn…missing the nut to hold the link to the servo horn.

I couldn’t figure out why the tail let go at first. As we walked up to the crash site, I tried moving the rudder and nothing happened? Servo? Linkage? I took the canopy off, no cracks or dings by the way, and saw the link had popped off the rudder servo? We searched the area for parts and found nothing. We walked back to my truck for a thorough inspection. Come to find out, the aileron ball had popped out of the servo horn as well (the nut was missing!). The rudder link was broken, possibly due to the crash. And the cause of the tail loss was a pin in the front transmission crown gear had come out allowing the crown gear to spin freely on the jack-shaft.

My conclusion is; this heli was destined to crash in some fashion. The broken rudder link would have happened when I tried practicing piro-flips, ok, that’s #1. The ball link would have happened at any time while in flight, that’s #2. The pin holding the crown gear (and #3) to the jack-shaft was a God-sent. That pin caused the least amount of damage compared to what could have happened! Damage parts so far…lost a pin, bent both blade links, a bent feathering shaft, stripped a servo horn, lost a nut, and broke a plastic link…

More to come on the YS120SRX! So far it is running great!

Synergy N5C

Rave 90 ENV

Waiting on parts from the land down under! LoL!

The Gaui NX4

Bill’s N5C & Fury 55

Prior to the second flight on my N7, Bill has made great advances in his flying skills! He attempted rolls and back flips! Bill was having problems with the first couple of rolls…coming out cork-screwed and falling. I ran out to him and instructed him on what he needed to do. Rolling to inverted was ok, but he would add up elevator rolling to right side up. And he didn’t use any negative pitch while inverted. So I talked him through a couple of rolls and he was doing them a whole lot better.

Then it was time for the back-flip, the same problem applied here as well, no negative pitch. So I had him break the flip into two parts. Once inverted, he quickly learned to add enough negative to hold his heli up. Bill got so excited at learning this, he almost ran out of fuel performing roll after roll and flip after flip. That alone made our day, watching someone else finally getting how to do a maneuver(s).

Mark’s new Raptor G820…

I met Mark at the field, Sunday after work. He spent some time during the week going through his G820 checking everything and installing a GV-1. Initially, Mark wanted to wait for me to get out of work and meet at the field, but I told him to get out there early and practice / warm up! He did and put a couple of hover flights on his G820.

Mark let me check the controls out for forward flight on the next flight (flight #3 of the day)…shortly after arriving. I made a couple adjustments in his radio, decrease the gyro gain some (the longer boom and longer tail blades makes the tail more responsive), and add some expo to the rudder. The rudder was just a tad sensitive around center.

Once the settings were made, it was time to take to the skies! It was poetry, that big heli and the low frequency woofing from the blades was unbelievable! Mark is bringing his G820 to IRCHA. It cruses through the air without a care, and once I was happy with how it felt, and for Mark, it was time to see how it autos.

It has the tendency to bleed off most of its head speed close to the end, but everything on this heli is new and we are still working on the motor break-in and we are getting used to much bigger blade characteristics. The 4th flight was Mark’s turn to see how it flies to him. He liked it a lot, and took my recommendation to just cruse around the field, figure “8” style until the motor is broke in and I tweak the controls for a more aggressive feel…like his G4, but a little at a time. The YS120SRX motor, even though very rich, has more than enough power for this G820. I could have performed mild 3D and this motor wouldn’t have noticed.

Heli maneuver practice…

Ok…nothing yet…trying to break-in a new motor and keep my helis together!

Now for this; "I did my normal pre-flight check (I need to revise this as you will read in a bit)"... I must be getting lax on my preflight checks with the thorough cleanings. I should have see or noticed the ball link becoming loose on the servo horn...or it happened just before the inverted landing. Hard to say. The rudder link...I should have seen that! I will be paying way more attention from now one!

Until next time!
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