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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:18:2015

Posted 08-18-2015 at 03:50 PM by rcnut
Updated 08-20-2015 at 08:57 AM by rcnut

Well…IRCHA is over and August is past the half month mark. Which means only one thing…WINTER is coming! Aaarrrgggg!!!

Well, not for a while at least. We still have fall to get through…so there is plenty of flying to be had, before the white fluffy stuff shows up. I managed to get out this last weekend after IRCHA, to get some more flying in…as if I didn’t get enough during IRCHA! My two compadres wussed out…due to the extremely hot weather, Saturday; 89 degrees 80% humidity 5-10 mph winds and partly cloudy, Sunday; 88 degrees 45% humidity 10-15 mph windy, partly cloudy skies. Saturday was warm and muggy, but Sunday was much better. So I went out and had some fun both days!

Heli updates: Pre IRCHA…

My N7…

The grinding a flat spot for the grub screw to “seat” itself is working great! I have quite a few flight on my N7 with this mod. But now, Mark has put in my head the need for the YS120SRX motor. Well, I’m not a big fan of YS, at least in the heli arena. I’ve had great success in plankers, but for some odd reason, I kill/blow up YS motors in helis! So yes, I purchased not one, but 2 YS120SRX motors with a Hatori FAI & 3D muffler. The first YS120 went into the Synergy N7, as I can always use more power! The second one is reserved for a special project this winter…or maybe sooner…

The YS motor fit into my N7 and didn’t look any different than the O.S.105 in size comparison. However, there is a running debate on how to set the needles for break-in…this is where I kind of suck at. I managed to get 9 flights on my YS120 before going to IRCHA. On the 8th flight, the Jesus bolt decided to break…a known problem on older kits. The shank on the bolt is too short and breaks off.

So now I’m a week away from IRCHA and I’m breaking all my helis?! At first I thought the bolt came out, lost the nut type thing…nope. The auto sleeve doesn’t want to separate from the mainshaft...easily, so I ordered a new mainshaft and auto sleeve. The repair was a piece of cake, and the test flight showed everything was good once again. My N7 is ready for IRCHA!

Synergy N5C

My N5 did very well at IRCHA. I put almost 10 flights on it without any problems. It was until yesterday (Sunday) that I was working on inverted autos and stretched one a bit too far. I flopped (crashed) the N5 on the ground and broke a blade. Basically, I ran out of head speed a couple of feet from the ground. So far, that’s all the damage it has.

Rave 90 ENV

I finally received the new landing gear. I tried to sell the Rave at IRCHA, but no takers.

The Gaui NX4

I sold it at IRCHA…


Well the time had come finally for the trip to IRCHA. Mark and I had planned to leave the Friday before so we could have 4 full days of flying before the fun truly began. However, Mark couldn’t get Friday off and just as well. I had a full day’s worth of work to do before leaving. Up early, cleaned the house and did laundry, had to pick up the trailer we were planning to use, get my driver’s license renewed (that was a 2 hour ordeal), got my hair cut, stop off at Farm & Fleet to get a trailer adapter for my truck (I have one already, but haven’t been able to find it) and a couple of locks, stop at Wally World for Meds and some other supplies, run home and unhook the trailer, finish packing up, start loading the truck and trailer… I think that was it!

Saturday morning

I had to be in bed early as Mark was planning to show up at 4:00 AM. Well, he was late. I’ve been doing this for 14 years and I pretty much know the routine by heart. This year’s trip went bad…I forgot my new insulin pen at home along with several other things. It sucks getting old! Mark arrived around 4:30 AM and we proceeded to finish packing the trailer and truck. I hooked up to the trailer and we were off to Muncie Indiana!

We hit the road at 5:23 AM and arrived at AMA 11:45 AM Indiana time, one hour ahead of us. It took us 5 hours and 12 minutes to drive 323 miles, and that’s cutting through Chicago and stopping at the Pilot gas station on 67 to fill up…and grab some snacks. Mark isn’t keen on eating meals on a constant time frame, but me being a diabetic, I have to. I figure one emergency trip to the hospital, from passing out due to low blood sugar level, and Mark will make darn sure I eat more than one/two meals per day.

We drove to site 4 and found a mess. People we flying gliders and the big tents were going up. We drove to site 3 and found Larry & Raja relaxing under one of the tents soon to be taken down and moved. We setup camp with Larry & Raja, and spent the rest of the day flying. Afterwards, Mark and I headed into town for supper and to check-in at the hotel. We stopped at Kings Buffett…it was good, but for some reason, it didn’t agree with me, plus…too much MSG! I couldn’t drink enough water once at the hotel. It didn’t take long to settle in, unload our helis, and park the truck and trailer.

The next morning, we were off to the 12th Street Café for breakfast. They have the best bisques & gravy that I have ever tasted (well I think so, personal opinion)…and their coffee is awesome! So after a big breakfast, we headed to site 3 to unhook the trailer for a few days and get as much flying in as possible.

I decided it was gasser day and I wanted to log some serious flights on my Goblin gasser (Goblin number 2). Raja & Larry decided to fly at the far East end of the runway, and then Mark joined them. I was going to follow, but Doug Darby showed up and we started flying together. Doug was impressed with the way I was flying my Goblin and how well it was performing. It wasn’t long and Doug asks if I wanted to try an experimental muffler, a new RJX muffler designed for the bigger block motors. Like the TRM275 – 300 motors. Well the motor in my second Goblin is the Hanson 300 3D Max. I told Doug sure!

I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work, if in fact it would really make that much of a difference, but much to my surprise, it did. I notice a big difference on take-off, a bit louder, and a higher head speed. My motor was being restricted with the stock RJX muffler, I mean, it works, but lacking a bit of power. Well, Doug and I spent the day flying back to back, checking the spark plug making sure we don’t run it lean. After 9 flights on my Goblin, I was sold on the new muffler. Carey was bringing several with him later in the week to sell at IRCHA.

By this time, I was famished! We didn’t do anything for lunch or bring anything to eat. So I asked Mark, Larry, & Raja if they wanted to get something to eat? So off we went…

Once at the hotel, I sent an email to my doctor explaining my forgetfulness of my medication, I had enough to make it to Wednesday/Thursday. I did fairly well considering our erratic eating schedule.


Monday started out very late. We had breakfast around 9:30 AM, and arrived at site 3 only to find it busy with many other pilots. I started off with my N7 and I was determined to finish breaking in the YS motor. I met Don, a local in Muncie, and we started getting to know one another while putting up flight after flight. Come to find out, Don’s son makes e-juice for the electronic cigarettes. I called Mark over and we both sampled a flavor called “Fruit Loops”. Yep! The cereal flavor, boy was that ever good! Mark and I ordered two bottles worth. Later that night, we stopped in at the Vapor Shop and I bought a new sub-ohm unit, by Kanger Tech. That was a treat!

Oh yea, we had dinner at some Mexican fast food place…it was ok, but Mark liked it a lot. There’s been a couple of places I haven’t cared for/the food didn’t like me. Last year Mark brought his family to IRCHA. We decided to dine out, only his wife picked out the place, I won’t mention any names. “Their” food didn’t agree with me at all, and my body let me know about it. Once in the truck, let’s just say, I chased everyone out in seconds! I felt miserable the next day…lesson learned by everyone that day.


Again, we had breakfast late, but this time we stopped in at Panera Bread on the way to the field. Once again, site 3 was “a buzz” with lots helis. More pilots had showed up to get in some serious flying before the festivities started. There were several pilots from overseas, and all over the states with us. I briefly met them and forgot their names just as fast. Well, except for Marco… Sunday there was 3 people with the name Mark and one Marco. That was easy to remember.

I pulled the N7 out for a few flights and then cycle through my other helis…well so that was the plan. First flight on the N7…everything was going good. I had a nice head speed of 1850, just working on transitions, easy flight, laid back type of flying, with some big air mixed in… I heard a ting-ting sound and thought it was something in the clutch stack. I started to pull into a vertical climb to turn around and land, under power, but the motor had a different idea. The connecting rod broke off the crank shaft and the motor stopped instantly.

What I didn’t know, there were many people watching me fly at that time, some pro pilots to intermediate level pilots. So here I am in the process of a vertical climb, the motor stops, I’m going up wind, into a 20+ mph wind to boot! What do I do? Simple, I spun the tail around and dropped the collective pitch…fast! I let the wind push my heli down towards me; I was about 50+ feet away when it happened. I tilted my heli into the wind so the blades kept turning. Setup for my landing spot, and set the N7 down like a feather! And then I heard applauses coming from behind as if I did something spectacular! I turned and waved. That made me feel good, but I was more concerned as to why the motor stopped…well no I didn’t want to know, I already knew what happened.

I retrieved my heli and tried to turn the motor over by hand, it wouldn’t turn. Ok, so I took the back plate off and saw exactly what I thought had happened…the connecting rod broke. Only after IRCHA did I discovered I had the motor slightly on the lean side, and that was the results. Well that pretty much ended my day/mood. So I cleaned up my heli and put it away. I pulled out my Goblin, and grabbed the gas can and my radio. I walked over to hang out with Larry, Raja, & Mark.

When it came to my turn to fly, Raja made the comment to sit in a chair and fly like he was doing…so I did. It felt very relaxing compared to standing all day. And then Raja asked if I could spot land… He had found a square patch of dirt on the ground that had some weeds in the middle. Raja plucked them out so he had a nice spot to land. I told him I was good at spot landing and planted 3 autos right on that spot. However, once again, I was extending my autos trying to land on the spot. Well the 3rd landing resulted in my snapping the tail fin. Ok, now that really pushed me over the “bummed” edge. Two helis in one day…

So we packed up, and putting both pp-ups in my truck. Mark and I headed over to Experience RC to see if they would sell me a fin. Well, I found Steve and politely asked…50 minutes later, I walked out with a fin and connecting rod for my YS motor, and Mark bought a 2 cell LiPo. Ok, now that I had a new fin…we decided to find a place on the flight line to setup. I did find a nice place…I pick a place right next to some guy with a smelly 4400 watt genny! The exhaust was pointed right at us! However, It wasn’t running at the time… Afterwards, we headed off to Red Lobster (Raja, Larry, Mark, & I).

To be continued!...
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