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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:25:2015

Posted 08-25-2015 at 10:10 AM by rcnut


Wednesday…opening day, IRCHA 2015

Ok, we missed the first pilot’s meeting and registration was closed??? So we put the canopy tops on and somewhat setup camp. Then it was time to walk down vender row…see who’s here and who’s not. Many displays were in the process of setting up as well as several hadn’t arrived yet. The “big” venders, Experience RC, Heli Direct, Bobby Jack RC, and another from Tennessee were in full selling swing.

This year, IRCHA was a bit unorganized…registration didn’t open until Friday, scheduled events were up for grabs, and nothing (at that time) was listed. It was a “hodge-podge” day, nothing really happening except for flying, buying, and selling.

Raja, Larry, & Mark were determined to take me out for supper…considering it was my birthday. What a way to celebrate your birthday…at IRCHA! It was my pick, so we went to the Texas Road House. They tried to embarrass me by informing the staff it was my birthday. Our waitress brought a child’s pony seat for me to sit on…oh no way! So I asked our lovely waitress to take my place! And she did! What a sport. Later I thanked her for doing that. Now I have to wait 5 years for my birthday to be on a Wednesday again!


We arrived late…again. It rained most of Thursday so no big deal. No registration again, and the noon time demos started sometime after the rain, around 5:00 PM? Mark and I went shopping now that the venders were all there. I was looking to buy the OXY 3 heli, for some indoor flying this winter. I also wanted to scope out some of the racing quads as this was part of the theme this year. We stopped in the OXY tent to ask 20 questions about the different box combo’s; the -001 is just the heli, the -002 is the complete heli, motor, ESC, blades combo, and the -003 is the heli & motor only…a little confusing, but ok.

Experience RC had only one (I saw it on Tuesday when I was looking for a tail fin for my Gobby), it was the -002 kit. Heli Direct had a large skid full of kits and they were confused as to which kit were which, the -001, -002, -003, plus they were only taking 10% off, period. Mark mentioned that Labor Day is coming and Heli Direct normally gives 20% then, so he is waiting until September. (At the end of the firework show, on Saturday night, Heli Direct announced they were offering 20% off on everything! Less to take home… )

So Mark and I left Heli Direct., we headed over to the BK Servo booth. There, Burt and Suzy were helping customers as they started pouring in. I asked one of Burt’s employee’s some questions about the new mini servo that couldn’t truly be answered by them, I’ll admit, I was asking some tough questions…so I was passed off to Burt, who I wanted to talk to initially.

Burt answered my questions and sold me a set of mini servos for the OXY heli along with the VX1e, and a VX1n for Mark. And while I was there, Burt is now selling the Switch Blade” series. Ok…I bought a set of the FX series to try. From there, we continued walking down vender row, checking out all the cool helis and what not. B&B Hobbies wasn’t there this year? Not to mention several other venders. Once at the end of the line, we headed back to our area and setup inside out rental trailer. It was big enough for my small table and two chairs.

Once the rain stopped, we headed back to show center to see if registration was open and to meet some people I was texting with. And that’s when we saw some of the “noon-time” demos going. I sat and watched them for a bit and was getting ready to leave when they announced the new Synergy 766 heli demo! Ok, I’m staying! Mark came over as to say let’s go…nope! I’m watching the new 766 fly…that peaked his interest as well.

Matt did an awesome job flying this new monster heli. It is a real piece of work that words can’t describe too well, it needs to be seen. I soon found myself standing next to Matt kind of drooling over his new heli and started thinking…Hhmmm, a nitro version… Matt and I played the eye game until he said “what?” I said, “You know…this heli almost looks like a nitro version, I’ll bet…” Matt just grinned at me and commented that I had no idea how close I was! Well, that settled that! I’m buying one and converting it to a nitro, and using the other YS120SRX motor!

We headed back to our area and closed up…time for supper!


And again, we arrived late, missing the pilot meeting, or possibly the first meeting. IRCHA was abuzz with lots of activities. Flight lines were full; the sky was crawling with helis everywhere, and the smells of food and coffee in the air. Venders were selling everything that wasn’t nailed down, LoL! The food section was a bit thinner this year. Only one smoke house versus 2, plenty of fried food places to pick from, and there was a couple of new places. I even saw a pizza shop! You could buy by the slice or whole pizza. I know last year there was a small corner booth possibly, but this year, a trailer style booth…I should have taken pics…next year…

I still wasn’t happy about the motor blowing up (breaking) in my N7. So I decided to put the original motor, the O.S.105HZ, back in. Good thing I brought it. I don’t know why I brought it, but happy I did. Now to back-up some…I made the decision to swap out motors Thursday night, but I needed a 12mm socket…and some insulin. So that explain why we were late Friday morning, Wally World run for meds, and Lowes for a 12mm socket.

We made our way to registration which just opened around noon’ish, and then towards Doug Darby’s place. Raja had been working on making the 1000th flight on his Whiplash Gas helicopter to happen at IRCHA. We were going to do the flight a few days ago, but Raja didn’t have any Champaign to celebrate with. So now with Champaign chilling and registration out of the way…we headed down to Doug’s area where Raja had his heli in the flying queue.

His turn finally came up! I snapped all the needed pics of the event. Close to the end of the flight, Raja made a “boo-boo” and came somewhat close to crashing. It was one of those “I meant to” go this way instead of that way mistakes, but he recovered and decided not to do that again. The 1000th flight was a success with plenty of cheers to go around. Raja then proceeded to open the Champaign by removing the wire frame around the cork. And now I know why this wire cage is there. I thought it was a decoration piece, but it holds the cork in!

Once Raja removed the wire cage, he remembered he needed to get Doug Darby! So he set the bottle down…two minutes later, roughly, the cork popped out on its own! Champaign bubbled out and Raja returned to see what happened…he laughed.

So now it’s back to our area, as I have a motor to swap out. Armed with the proper tool, I made quick of the two motors and found an open spot to test fly my N7. The needles were a bit off, rich, and after a couple of adjustments, my N7 was back in action! I had a neighbor on the flight line that persisted to buzz my space, so I opted for some long autos. The first one, I had planned to just come down in a straight line, but the wind decided differently. The N7 drifted to the end of my box, and I turned it 180 and headed back to the other side. Well, this happened 3 times before finally floating in for a soft landing.

Again, I heard cheers from behind with someone yelling out “Do it again!”, “Yea, do that again!” Wow! I didn’t think anyone besides my spotter was watching! Even Mark said to do it again, ok, so up I went…and did another very long auto. Again I received cheering as if I performed a spectacular maneuver…I went with it! So now I’m happy once again, my N7 is flying.

Next it was time to prepare for the SWARM party. Mark was really looking forward to this. So just in case, we headed to the food venders for a couple of BBQ something to tie us over. As it started getting dark, the SWARM party was well on its way! Corn dogs, fried chicken legs & wings, corn on the cob, corn & potato salad, water melon, & oranges were the foods of the night. And lots of liquid refreshments! The girls were busy passing out rum balls by the hand full. There were many a people that had a hard time waking up in the morning! LoL! My two buddies from Michigan basically passed out in the van. They looked a bit rough in the morning…LoL!

It was mentioned later the stats of the amount of food that was cooked up and served. The party was a big success. There was music, a camp fire, and night flying…red-neck style! SPOT LIGHTS PLEASE!!! That was off the hook! In the end, that heli met its demise flirting with the ground…the ground won, but it was a heck of a show before.


The most anticipated day of all. This is the day the pro pilots let it all hang out, and they did! One could say there were crashes galore up and down the flight line. I saw an over-speed dive that kept going right into the ground! OUUCH! That had to hurt… This year almost everyone was at stage center watching the One’s competition and demos. I had never seen the flight line so empty! Even the venders were mostly empty.

We missed the One’s competition as I had stuff out for sale and sold one heli… I had a lot of inquirers, but only one taker. I should have done this earlier during the week. So now it was time to pack up and get ready for the pilots dinner! Mark and made a “bee line” to the chow line. They actually started serving very close to 5:30 PM, like the schedule said. The food was provided by Outback Steak House, and it was delicious. There were 4 lines running, so everyone got through rather quickly.

The prizes were astounding, many heli kits, blades, motors, ESC’s, LiPo’s, etc. Although I didn’t win anything, it was fun to watch. And now for the night fly!!! Mark and I found a good spot to setup East of show center. There were only 8 pilots competing, so this didn’t take long. The firework & heli flights were fantastic, almost a full 45 minutes of aerial display! And then the inevitable…IRCHA is over…gone for another year.

The 8 days Mark and I spent there, setting up, flying, shopping, talking to old friends, meeting new friends, eating good food, hanging out, was over in just a few days. But the memories will live on and hopefully carry us through the winter months until the next IRCHA holiday comes around!

IRCHA After thoughts

A lot of things happened this year, and I missed out on some of them…but not next year!

I saw the new Velos & Protos V2 Max fly, one right after another. That Velos is big! The thought of having 4 – 6s LiPo’s on the heli at one time and then having it smash into the ground would be a bit much money wise, but impressive none the less!

The Protos V2 is very quiet. It looks like the Protos 500 stretched out to a 700 size heli, only the V2 has two belts versus the original single belt design. The carbon fiber frame looks great, but I wonder about the strength of the lower half. The landing gear is a one piece design and the molded in skid tubes being a “U” shape.

I would have like to have seen the quad races, but didn’t see them…maybe I’ll be in the races come next year? I saw the basic quads one would see for sale, but not so much the racing style quads. Maybe it’s due to the false advertising schemes used to lure us into buying stuff we were not looking at…meaning; a regular entry level quad with the added words “racer” instead of “basic entry” quad. Trying to “filter” out the cheap from the real deal can be hard…and there are so many knock-offs, it’s hard to tell at times

I talked with Matt Bottos about the new 766, and then to watch it fly! I want one! I would have liked to spend some time getting to know Matt, hopefully during next year' flying season.

I don’t even know if there was an autorotation contest this year?


Mark and I got up early and proceeded to pack up the truck for the long trip home. We stopped for breakfast at the 12th Street Café one last time. We got our fill of Bisques & Gravy, and coffee until the next year. Then it was off to the Jamboree, or what was left of it. Site 4 almost looked as if a tornado came through…most of the pilot pop-ups were gone, many motor homes around packing up and leaving. I believe all the venders were gone…ah except for Jerry, the “Extreme Glasses” guy. Jerry was saying his goodbyes. We arrived at out area and hooked the trailer to the truck. Mark drove the golf cart back and I followed.

The trip home would have gone a lot smoother if it wasn’t for a small section of road on I65 that was closed. It took us 2 hours to drive 22 miles!!! It was crazy. But we arrived home safe and sound…and somewhat sore from sitting. I couldn’t believe 9 hours ago, Mark and I were having breakfast in Muncie, and then back home. It felt good to be home, and to sleep in my own bed. It took a while to unpack everything and to assess the damages to my tonneau cover. The corner clip at the front of the box broke allowing the cover to fall inside…I can’t fix it or find replacement parts, they’ve been discontinued.

This was the longest vacation I’ve taken for IRCHA and I can’t wait for next year!

Heli maneuver practice…

After seeing a lot of the flying at IRCHA…yea, I have a maneuver or two I wouldn’t mine copying! LoL! And there are maneuvers I’ve thought about trying, stuff I didn’t think anyone else thought about, yea...I saw at IRCHA??? The flights there were off the hook! So I am refilled with thoughts of maneuvers bouncing around in my head begging to get out in the real world…I feel sorry for my helis! This is going to leave a mark!

Until next time!
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