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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 10:16:15

Posted 10-16-2015 at 02:44 PM by rcnut

October is now half over! Time is flying by!!!

I'm back! Sorry for the delay, but not much is going on since last month. With the season changing, the weather has been erratic here in the Midwest for heli flying…windy, heavy overcast, dark, rainy, etc. Temps are cooling off, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the days are getting shorter, and for some reason… I’m not… I don’t have that drive to get out and fly? I know I’m dreading the colder weather to come followed by that white fluffy stuff… It’s like my body is going into hibernation.

I went out flying with the guys this last weekend…and what a blast! No rush, no seeing how many flights we can get in, no back to back flights...just relax and fly when you want. Mark and I decided to have a heli tail-gate cookout! We invited Bill, but he wasn't able to partake Saturday; he had a wedding to go to. However, Bill did join us on Sunday.

Saturday was sunny & clear, cool...56 degrees, winds at 17+ mph. A coat layer day for sure! (coat layering, already???). Sunday was more of the same...only the temps were in the high 70's!

The Emax Nighthawk 250/280 Quad Racer

Yea…I finally bought a quad racer a few weeks ago...the Emax Nighthawk 250/280 quad racer. I bought the ARF version. I added a 7 channel receiver and the Mobius camera. I have a 7” FPV screen; I just haven't bought the "goggles"…yet. Setup is mostly done for you. The quad come 98% built. So if this is your first racer, you will need a receiver, LiPo for the quad, and your FPV receiver type equipment. Now programming this little rascal is a bit of a challenge. Instructions aren’t the greatest; however, there is YouTube videos that help. There is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program you will need to download in order to setup the programming.

This thing is a blast! Although I suck at the racing aspect, that or I don't have my racer setup right…it is fun none the less. First flight out, I almost lost it in my own yard! My FPV 7”screen has 2 rubber antennas. Well…they are what is called “Omni directional linear polarized whip antennas” and don’t do a very good job at receiving the intended frequency, and the range is terrible. I tried to fly around my maple tree and lost the video signal! Well, the quad stopped into a hover and then started flying backwards (slight trim adjustment needed). For some odd reason I added throttle (collective), and it started climbing fast. I should have removed the throttle!

It was a good thing that I added throttle, as my neighbor’s maple tree is much taller than mine, and it just missed crashing into it…that’s what the Mobius camera showed. I had to “run after it” and caught it just in time before it flew out of my view over my neighbor’s house…the FPV screen was all static. So I needed a new antenna. I did a little research on antenna types and ordered the correct one for my FPV screen (receiver).

I installed the antenna and found out I was on the wrong frequency band on my receiver. After making the correct adjustments, the video is fantastic! I took it out for a trial run and smacked it into the ground from 20 feet up. The Mobius camera jumped ship; however, the rest of it didn’t even show any damage. I picked it up, re mounted the camera, Velcro, set it down and flew off!

I brought it out Sunday to show the guys. Only this time I was able to get a couple of flights in before I tried using the screen completely. And three minutes into the third flight…I smacked it hard into the ground. This time I broke two props! The camera flew off along with the LiPo, and even the receiver! Afterwards, I checked out some of the footage I did take and it was amazing! The aerial footage is breath taking; it looks so peaceful and quiet. Now I want to get my DJI 450 Flamewheel camera ship up and flying!

My other helis…

Aside from the new quad fever I have, my N5 & N7 have taken a back seat [for a bit] to my Goblin gasser. With the cooler weather, the gas motor performs better. I kind of go in spurts like that…nitro fever, gas fever, electric…micros…

Finally! Synergy has made the announcement that it won’t be much longer for the release of their Synergy 766 electric heli. Looks like I need to get my butt in gear collecting stuff needed for this build/conversion…nitro conversion that is! I have the YS120SRX motor/muffler and cyclic servos. I don’t expect to finish this heli before the snow starts flying, but then again! One never knows what’s in store for the future!


After an extensive rebuild…crankcase, sleeve, piston, ring, boss pin & retainers, and the connecting rod…it is ready to run once again. However, I will need to break this motor in…again… Normally when the connecting rod breaks (at least my experience has been), it doesn’t touch the sleeve, but on this motor…it ripped the side skirt of the sleeve and wouldn’t slide out of the crankcase! The original crankcase is still good, providing I can remove the sleeve without damaging the crankcase. I will use this rebuilt motor in the new Synergy 766 heli.

Micro helis…

I’ve been looking at my mCPx heli lately; rebuilding/upgrading it to a somewhat stretched brushless “super micro heli”. LoL! There are a lot of different ways I can upgrade this thing, however, I do have a carbon fiber micro frame for a brushless motor conversion; so that kind of sets the stage of how this will start transforming. I bought the SR120 tail assembly (boom & tail motor) for it, as I was told it will hold better and the tail won’t kick-out (the electric motor performs better than the stock mCPx tail motor). However, this little heli is on hold until next month, sometime, if not until December. I’m trying to get in as much outside flying before it gets too cold, Like <10 degrees. And I’m working on getting both quads setup and flying properly. Then I’ll switch to my indoor helis…yuck! Well, it’s better than nothing… so there you have it!


I haven’t done much to this heli outside of fixing the crash I had with it. I have 2 sets of blades for it and need to put them on and then reset the blade tracking. Perform a test flight and setup the rpm range for indoor flying; right now it is a bit high in my opinion! I might try using the longer [285mm] blades? So between the OXY3 and mCPx, that should be enough to carry me through the winter. Oh and possibly a bit of quad flying indoors FPV style. I also plan to shoot some outdoor video of this winter with my 450 Flamewheel. Build some sort of hood for the quad and cameras to protect them from the snow…maybe…

More to come…
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