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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:6:2015

Posted 12-06-2015 at 09:44 AM by rcnut
Updated 12-06-2015 at 01:57 PM by rcnut

Turkey Day was here and now it’s gone! Where does the time go? Now Christmas is just around the corner and the days will start getting longer!!!

”This coming up Sunday, Mark and I are planning to start using the gym at my church for micro flying”! Yea well, that didn’t happen, see Sunday’s explanation below. Mark got sick after thanksgiving, the weather turned out somewhat nice, so I ventured out for a few flights on Saturday. I met Bill at the field and he delivered my newly painted canopy for my Rave. The sun started to get covered by a lot of clouds and that dropped the temps a lot…so we went home to warm up!

Lynx 130

I started the Micro Brain installation, stripping the 3-in-1 controller out of the 130. I ran into the first road block with the ESC. I needed to solder some type of bullets for the motor, so I used some EC3 connectors as bullets…it works! Then I needed to connect the ESC to the Micro Brain…the Brain comes with an adapter just for that. Now for the LiPo plug, I used the battery plug from a burned up Blade 130 controller…so much for the first road block.

Now to plug the servos into the Brain…road block number 2! Naturally the servo connectors don’t fit into the Brain ports. The mCPx connector ends are 1mm and the Brain connectors are 1.5mm…figures! I wasn’t able to find a cable to convert one from the other, so I ordered 1.5mm to Futaba cables and I’ll cut the Futaba connector off and solder them to the servos. A lot of mickey-mouse just to get this heli to fly!

Then I saw an ad for a Micro Spartan controller! Doh!!! I’ll give the Brain a try first and see how I like it, if not; I’ll just buy the Micro Spartan controller.


Most of the parts final came in Friday, and it didn’t take long to build the head, install the mainshaft, swashplate, and the assembled head. It will be another week for the motor and ESC to get here from overseas, and I should have the servos by Monday. I need to find a control board and then I’ll be good to go…I think. Oh yea…I’ve miss-placed the servos and I’ll be dang if I can find them on my workbench! Time to start cleaning!!!


This last Sunday, Mark and I were planning to fly in the church gym, and I was going to fly my OXY3 in it for the first time. And considering Sunday was way better day than Saturday, and Mark wasn’t feel well, I decided to go home and use the lot across from my house to discharge all 4 LiPos, and then storage charge them until the next time out. Well, that didn’t go as planned…either…

My brain was somewhere else while I was flying, thinking of the next set of maneuvers I wanted to do. I planted my little heli into the ground! All the time it was going in, I was trying to figure out what was happening. It was me jumping ahead of the maneuvers and my hands took over before I could respond mentally. So now I need a few more parts to fix it. I didn’t break the main blades this time, just bent the boom, broke one leg of the landing gear, one DFC link, and stripped one servo? Yep, stripped one servo and broke a servo arm…and lost the link. I bent the other two, but the servos are fine. So this heli is down for a bit. “” has the BK micro servo gear sets, so I ordered 2 sets along with some other OXY goodies.

I hate these sales!!! I’m going to go broke! LoL!


Gobby-2 received the 26 tooth tail gear. The pulley works well, but not great. It still tries to resist turning in high speeds. So I think I need longer tail blades and possibly back to the 27 tooth gear. I’ll try the 27 tooth gear first with the 115mm tail blades. I’ll also need to raise the tail some more…by dropping the nose (cutting the carbon fiber and re-drilling the landing gear mount holes) some more. Keeping the tail off the ground will help to preserve the tail blades.

So…during the first flight with the 26 tooth pulley, and close to the end of that flight, I started in on autos. When I spool up to do another auto, I move the tail a little to check for the tail fin centering (not leaning to the left or right). This time, I moved the tail a bit too aggressively and…I did some “weed-whacking” with the tail blades. Little did I know, this stripped some of the carbon fiber off the surface of the blade exposing the foam inside the tail blade! You would think this would be noticeable once in a hover…it wasn’t, I couldn’t see any problems or notice any lack of control.

I shot several more autos all the while oblivious to the potential disaster that could happen at any second! However, nothing happened, other than my face dropping to the ground once I saw the damage to both blades. I had to walk out to the area that I dug up with the tail blade looking for something that would have ripped both blades apart…something like a rock. I found nothing, only dirt and grass. The ground hasn’t had time to hardened yet, so how could that have happened? Cheap blades? Broke to start with? Cold weather?

I ordered some 115mm tail blades this time, see if I can get some more tail authority.


Great news!!! The 766 is in “pre-order” status. Amains show a possible ship date of 12/31/2015. And the forums are abuzz with a nitro version already! Meaning some of us want a nitro version! Hint, hint Matt!

After thoughts

Not a whole lot here just yet. Trying to decide what projects I want to get started on. I’m also wondering how long this warmer than normal weather is going to last. I haven’t made the plunge to the indoors just yet, so I’m still messing around outside. Then I found out Spartan has released Version 4 software for all their FBL controllers. The down side to this, once upgraded, you need to re-setup your heli! Not sure if I want to do this…just yet. The 4 helis that have Spartan controllers are flying very close to the way I like them.

Also, I am excellent at procrastinating, meaning; I have several heli I would like to sell to make room for other projects…and thin the fleet some. I just keep putting off what needs to be done! This might be a bad time of year to list them for sale? Or not!

Until next time…
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