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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 1:7:2016

Posted 01-07-2016 at 11:02 AM by rcnut

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Wow, Christmas and New Year came and went! Life was moving so fast from my last post, it’s hard to believe we are in a new year…2016…

Well…Mark and I both had time off from work over the Christmas holidays. And we took advantage of that time to get some micro heli flying in. Our second day out (Monday), we met for breakfast, went to our local hobby shop (Hobby Town USA) to do a little shopping, and then to use the gym at church…even though it was sleeting outside, a total of 6 inches worth.

Mark bought the Blade Nano CPx heli for practicing orientation. It took a little bit to get it programmed and bound, but once done, that little heli is smooth. As for the 3D stuff it will do…I won’t do them until Mark has smashed it up several times and we start messing with the setting in the radio. Then I will try it out for Mark and teach him how to 3D! In the meantime, it is working great helping Mark learn his orientation right side up and soon inverted!

Lynx 130

I cut the Futaba ends off and soldered the wires to the servo wires. Now I was able to start programming the Brain. Everything went fairly well. I had to adjust the links on the servos some to obtain a centered setting (especially for the collective pitch).

On the first test flight, everything was going good until the rudder gave out?…after I tried a side tic-toc. Turns out the tail output shaft acted up. I need to look into this! Then I found the so called autorotation hub started acting up (not wanting to free-wheel, getting stiff), Mark had mentioned others were having the same issues with the auto-hub and converted back to the stock main gear. More things to do to get this heli flying…it should be worth it when I’m done!

Blade 130x

This heli is starting to give me fits! First the “A” crown gear goes out (stripped teeth), and then the bearings (flange bearings) on the tail gearbox are shot! It has a vibration buzz that reduces the head speed. But when it flies…watch out! It is an awesome heli. So I ordered a metal tail gearbox for it…and I’ll slowly add some more upgrade parts to it…metal head, metal swashplate, etc. I don’t think I’ll get too crazy with this one.

My first mCPx…

I’ve been beating the crap out of this little heli, and it just keeps on flying! I finally tried turning my mCPx into a ceiling fan! The first attempt, I hit the metal rafters…and it came flopping down…nothing was broke! The second attempt was successful. I stuck it there for roughly a minute! However, the dismount wasn’t pretty. It came off the ceiling and started sliding sideways and into the metal rafters. Down it came roughly 40 feet…smash onto the gym floor. And the third attempt was like the second, only I became the first target and then hit the floor.

I had to have crashed this heli, at least 20 times total…mostly from playing around. So far I need to replace the landing gear and boom. The landing gear is broke in several places, and the boom is split down the middle…this can be fixed with a little ca glue.

My second mCPx…build

I received everything ordered [so I thought] and started building this little monster! I installed the motor, the servos, the tail assembly, and oh yea, found the landing gear(s) and the servos (now extras). As it turns out, I ordered the wrong control board. I bought the control board for the nano-heli (nCPx), the one Mark bought…so he has a spare board now. I ordered the right one I needed this time. As I was getting ready to start plugging the servos in, the thought of where will I connect the ESC came to mind.

So I did some research on were to solder this connector to. As it turns out, there is a board that converts a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal to a PPM (Pulse Position Modulation) signal. The motors use a PWM signal to spin, and the servos use the PPM signal for travel position. The ESC needs a PPM signal to convert that to a motor PWM signal (kind of redundant). Unfortunately this signal is coming out of the chip on the control board that has been “coded” as a PWM signal, for a two wire motor. Otherwise we could by-pass the circuit and connect the signal wire of the ESC directly to the board.

And as it turns out [I normally find this out later] that certain companies actually make an ESC that had a PWM to PPM conversion in it already. No biggie, the signal converter I have is a dual converter. It is capable of converting both the motor and the tail signals. This will allow me to try out different tail motors.

All that I need to do now is connect the signal converter board to the controller board, connect the ESC and motor, and then start programming! I hope I have better luck with this heli versus the Lynx heli!!!


After the last dumb-thumb rebuild, I did the test flight in the gym instead of outdoors. It’s a bit tight, but as I put time in on flying this heli, the gym became bigger and I was able to start performing some light 3D. The head speed was a bit high, so I spent a couple of packs adjusting the speed to something more comfortable for indoors.

I was doing great for several days until I got a little carried away…and I felt it coming! I was getting comfortable doing several forward flips in a row, keeping the heli centered. I got out of sync and dropped the altitude some…and slid the heli on the ground into one of our portable basketball stands. Needless to say, the blades didn’t survive hitting the metal pole or the feathering shaft…and blade links. Oops!


I installed the 115mm tail blades and cut the front landing gear some more to drop the nose and raise the tail. Now I have a bit more tail clearance! The weather has been weird here, rainy, snowy, ice… So I have yet to test out the longer tail blades, hopefully soon,


Even greater news!!! I ordered the 766, but it’s still in “pre-order” status. Amains changed their ship date to “when it arrives”. So we wait! The manual is on-line, so I’ve been looking it over…

I discovered a fuel leak on the N7. The main tank has a slow leak. I bought a couple of tank “stoppers” from Ron’ RC (the old “Heliproz South”), so I’ll try those.

After thoughts

I still haven’t put my helis that I would like to sell in the forums yet…I’m thinking it is more than procrastinating… I keep thinking of maneuvers I would like to try, but every time I’m in the air, I forget all about those moves…go figure!

Until next time…
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