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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 1:24:2016

Posted 01-24-2016 at 03:41 PM by rcnut
Updated 01-26-2016 at 03:39 PM by rcnut

It's January, and past the half mark…already!!!

The days are just cruising by! It won’t be long and summer will be upon us. But in the meantime, the days are getting longer and the thrill of getting out flying our big machines is getting stronger. This year is a bit different, I don’t feel as anxious to get outside or feel that “pent-up” indoor feeling like I have in the past…aka extreme cabin fever! This year, I feel more relaxed and focused on my hobby. I’ve found the direction I’ve been searching for, and now it’s time to head that way.

I have the Synergy 766 heli on pre-order and I’m contemplating a heli conversion…from electric to gas. Afterwards, I intent to concetrait on my flying style versus which heli to buy next, etc. And as for Mark…well…I intent to drag him along kicking and screaming! Yep, he will get a heavy dose of orientation practice before mastering any of the multitudes of aerobatics! Yes, we are going to train hard, and have fun doing it.

Lynx 130

Well…not much has been done to this heli, except for looking it over.

Blade 130x

I found what I thought was a couple of the last upgrade tail gear boxes…complete tail assembly. I found it on e-bay (or better known as “flee-bay”, LoL!) and according to the website, it showed 2 in-stock. So I clicked on the “Buy it now” button to order one of the 2 remaining. A week later when I haven’t seen an email response, I looked my order up and found it is “out-of-stock”! This seller sold me a tail assembly with the assumption it “was” in stock! Now I need to find out how to cancel this order.

In the meantime, I ordered a pair of tail output shaft flange bearings to use until I can find another tail assembly.

My original mCPx…

I fixed this little monster up! I carefully glued (CA’d) the boom after inserting the motor wires back in. I applied some more “Goop” to the boom at the front to stop the boom from turning (like “pinning” the boom). Then I replaced the main motor in hopes I can get more head speed with better holding power, on a new motor…before converting it to brushless. I also replaced the badly broken landing gear.

I was going to replace the plastic rotor had with a metal one, but it didn’t come with dampners…and I noticed it still has the plastic swashplate! So I’ll order one of those soon.

My second/steroid popping mCPx…build

Ok…this heli…yea… I installed the converter board, ESC, and soldered all the necessary wires. I chose to copy the mCPx program in my DX9 to another model slot versus starting from scratch. I bonded the radio and heli and then checked the servo movements. I had two servos mixed and it was only a few seconds to fix and everything was working like normal. Well, except for the ESC.

For some reason the ESC was (is) continually beeping. It is driving me mad! No troubleshoot sheet, not much in the way of instructions, and I couldn’t find anything on the internet about this particular ESC. I thought maybe the LiPo was getting low, so I used a fresh LiPo, same problem.

However, I did find an ESC that has been setup just for the mCPx brushless conversion. It is a “plug & play” ESC, everything needed is in one unit with all the right connectors. So now I’m waiting for that to come in………

That XP7 amp ESC is bothering me! I would like to know what is causing the continuous beeps! Maybe I should look into the possibility of the mounting screw for the motor are too long and has shorted out the wires…I read that could be a problem with this particular motor.


I have everything needed to fix the OXY up, but I haven’t got around to it just jet.


Yea, the blades are on, but the weather has been crappy for the most part. I did the extended forecast look for this coming weekend. Saturday looks to be a perfect “10/10” day, well, for winter time! 31 degrees with winds at 5-7 mph, and sunny! I know some of you will say that 31 degrees is cold! And you would be right; however, it’s been around zero to minus temps for almost a week now. So 31 degrees will feel like a heat wave!!!


My N7 showed it had a fuel leak, three quarters of the tank was missing…leaked out. It was a slow leak, about a couple of drops a day. Previously, I had ordered some fuel stoppers from Ron’s RC…2 nitro and 1 gas. I wanted to try them out for such an occasion…well, that occasion showed up.

I removed the tank from my N7 and proceeded to carefully remove the stopper and rubber tank seal. Once done, and being the prime opportunity, I checked the fuel magnet foam for damage/deterioration…none found. The stoppers from Ron’s RC are intended for the Raptor heli tanks, and unfortunately, the N7 has a smaller hole. I opened the tank hole carefully with an exacto knife. I opened the hole just enough for this stopper to just fit on its own, no forcing or wedging. Then I tighten the nut for a tight seal. So far there are no leaks…I’ll see how well this holds up during the flying season. And replacing the fuel magnet foam will be easier!

Good news, the team pilots have received their 766 kits, so it’s just a matter of time before we “common” folk get ours! (Pun intended)


I sold my 250/280 racer to a friend/co-worker. With “all-the buzz” about quads and now “we” RC pilots having to register our planes, helis, quads, etc., the thrill has left, or more to the point, I’ve lost interest in quads. I still have my micro quad by Blade and my 450 Flame Wheel. The micro is for indoors only, something to play around with. And the 450 is for shooting video/pictures, providing I get it flying again.

More on this…

After thoughts…

This FAA registration ordeal has given me mixed feeling about where our hobby is heading…this is a drone…that’s a done… Crap man! My helicopter is now classified as a drone. Our “freedom” is slowly eroding away! So many restrictions are being placed upon us making it harder and harder to enjoy our hobby. Good luck with recruiting new people into our hobby, it will become more and more difficult…

So what’s the deal? Huh?? “We” pilots, we have our AMA/home owners insurance, “we” abide by the FCC, FAA, and AMA laws…and our club laws. “We” enjoy our hobby, be that airplanes, helis, quads, etc. So why do “we” have to be punished for the “rest” of the population that has basically no brains, no common sense, nor care for anyone other than themselves? They are the ones that have caused most of this trouble, most complaints / damage…and they are not even held accountable! They are the ones that are ruining it for us! And you think this FAA registering will stop them? I think not!!!

How much longer will this go on before we are completely shut down?

I’ve been thinking about this whole FAA registration crap… Instead of having people register their drones as they purchased them…then have everyone in the USA from the age of 13 and above register to having a drone! Like the draft…take that FAA! Let’s see you register some 200-300+ million people here in the good ole USA! Granted, it will never happen.

This won’t be any better than like our gun laws. All the garbage you need to go through to buy a gun, and then some of the government officials wants to take back the guns! Yea Right! I want to see our government control/rule over the criminals in our streets! Tell them what they can and can’t do. Stop them from all the crimes they commit. Take away their guns! Make them follow the rules for a change. While they’re at it, make our enemy’s follow the rules of the Geneva Convention! Let’s have a fair fight!!!

It’s just not going to happen! Not in this life time. Someday, some snot-nosed punk is going to fly his (or hers) drone into a plane or helicopter, something that will cause a death of another human being because of their drone. And that could be the final straw that will end our hobby.

Well, I guess it’s time to step down from my “soap-box”. I’m sorry for spewing my thoughts over the pages; it just gets to me at times when someone wants to “rain on my parade”. I get this type of abuse from time to time at the club I fly at (am a member of), and I tell the offenders to their face “I’ll just have to wait for you to die before I can have fun”. That gets their attention fast. It leaves them speechless!

The bottom line, and if you think about it, it all boils down to one thing………power! Someone somewhere wants the power to tell us what we can and can’t do…I mean the trivial stuff. Helis have to fly over here, you can only do certain maneuvers there, etc. With the explosion of the quadcopters [aka…drones] and the ability of anyone being able to fly one…yes, I can see having some type of law governing the usage of drones. But come on…our helis? Our planes?

Ok…back on topic!

Until next time…
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