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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:2:2016

Posted 03-02-2016 at 03:21 PM by rcnut

February is gone and here we are in March! I can smell the flying weather approaching!!! Not to mention, Wednesday, of next week, it is forecasted for 65+ degrees!

It’s been a while since my last blog. It’s kind of slow around here. Mostly cold and dreary skies, however, Mark and I have been fortunate to sneak out a few nice weekends.

Lynx 130

Still…not much has been done to this heli; it’s sitting on the bench waiting its turn.

Blade 130x

As for the upgrade tail assembly, I contacted eBay about my purchase with this company and asked for a refund…the refund was granted. So I bought a set of flanged bearing (from someplace else) to hopefully fix the tail vibration it was having. As it turned out, it was the bearing on the tail hub side. The other bearing was fine, but I replaced it anyways.

While searching for other “stuff”…I found a metal tail gear box, not quite the one I was looking for, but it should work. In the meantime, I took the 130 to church for some indoor flying! It handled great! The tail vibration is gone and it even has a slightly higher head speed. I was doing great until close to the last couple of flight for the day. I pulled off a very low, almost tail scrapping, blade slapping the floor flip. It was cool to see, but didn’t calculate the amount of collective I would need to prevent from slamming into the floor…and sliding into the wall some 5 feet way…oops!

The damage wasn’t too bad…cracked tail boom, broken pitch slider, and snapped the balls off the tail blade grips. It’s back together and ready for more abuse!

My original mCPx…

Well…so much for fixing the tail. The first flight showed problems with the tail being able to hold during collective inputs. I believe the motor finally gave out. I was disappointing not being able to fly the crap out of this heli.

Once home, I installed the spare tail boom & motor assembly, and gave it a test flight. The tail works much better now…well until I start abusing it! LoL!

My second/steroid popping mCPx…build

The maiden flight was less than spectacular; it never got off the ground. The tail was all over the place. It was dominating the main blades…if that would be possible. It acted as if there was only enough power for the main rotor or the tail, but not both.

So I ordered the mCPx V1/V2 tail to try out. But before I swap out tail assemblies, I have one more thing that I would like to check first.


Well, I thought I had everything… I started the repairs, got everything fixed, or so I thought. I started in with leveling the swashplate and then setting the pitch, etc… Only to find out I forgot to buy a new tail pitch slider…Oops! So I ordered 2 of them, and now it is ready for a test flight.


The longer blades helped a lot! It still wants to fight me at times, but I can live with it for now. I have to remember this is not a high level 3D machine like the electric version Goblin.


I finally tried out the new fuel tank stopper I installed in my N7…it works! However, it has been some time since I flew my N7, a bit rusty, and I pan-caked it into the ground trying a looping auto…oops! I broke the landing gear, one boom support end, and one blade link, that’s all.

The Synergy 766 build

My new 766 heli arrived, and the fun has begun! At first I started looking into what it would take to convert this heli into a nitro heli…new frames, a modified clutch stack…for starters. So while I’m toying with what needs to be done, I started building the 766 as an electric. The kit arrived in a small box, probably the smallest yet, that I have received. The parts were well packed and found nothing scratched or broken.

There are not that many bags to this heli, although this is the first electric Synergy that I have built. I started with the tail section first, as I was busy examining the frame lay-out and other parts. The tail gear box is a bit bigger than the N7 and more robust, bigger heavy duty bevel gears.

The tail control guilds are aluminum vs. plastic…that’s a nice touch! The boom is noticeably longer, but not so much sitting on the workbench. With all the parts sitting on my workbench, it looks the same as my other helis during various stages of the build. The boom won’t become noticeable until I install it in the frame…and then set it alongside any of my other helis! (On a side note: I did a test fit of the boom to the frame…and it sticks out past the end of my workbench without the tail box/fin/or tail blades mounted…this is going to be big!!!

I assembled (JB Weld) the boom support ends and one end of the tail control rod, per the instructions. Then I moved on to the beginning of the heli build (I was stalling while studying the main frame, bearing blocks, and main gear assembly). I was trying to decide if I wanted to pull the Xera 4530-500KVA motor and CC 160HV Opto ESC out of my Agile 7.2 electric and use those for this build. If so, I would need to buy the 13t tooth pinion to obtain the proper rpm range…I did, I ordered one.

One of the reasons why I was considering pulling the Xera motor; Carey Shurley has a design to convert the Agile 7.2 electric into a gasser heli, and I would love to do that conversion to mine! Hence using the motor and ESC from it. The conversion isn’t out yet, as there isn’t / wasn’t enough pre-orders to continue with making the conversion kit…the first time around. And now this second time, there is enough interest to continue with the conversion, but there is possibly one big piece that is still missing. More on that later…

So, instead of using the Xera motor and CC ESC, I started looking into other motor and ESC options. So far I’ve chosen the XTS 4530-525 4+5YY (1.5mm thick wire). I’ve been reading a lot of good things about this company for a while. This motor happens to be in the 90+% range for efficiency, not bad! My Xera motor runs very cool…compared to other brands I’ve flown and seen at fun flies. So I’ll try this one.

I picked the Hobbywing Platinum Pro V4 160A-HV ESC for 700 - 800 Class Helicopters (6-14S), for its performance…and growing popularity. So now, to round out my setup; a 12s setup with a head speed of 1900-2000 (or 1600/1800/1950)…eventually I would like to try 14S, hence the reason for picking the motor and ESC combination. I’ve installed the BK 7001 HV cyclics with the BK 7005 tail servo, and I will use a Spartan Vortex VX1n with a separate 2s LiPo.

I don’t have much faith in BEC’s when it comes to helis this size (600 and above). And yes, the LiPo can fail as well, so it’s “pick your poison” type thing. I’ve seen several ESC go up in smoke. I watched a friend of mine go up in flames right after an auto. It took out everything! ESC, controller, servos… I’ve also had a couple of LiPo’s die in flight…

Ok, getting back to the 766 build!

Now that I’ve figured out how I would like to set this heli up…it’s time to start at the beginning! The battery rail, Booya style mount cups with break-a-way tabs and standoff are installed…to the one side of the frame. Instead of waiting for the instruction to tell me to do the other side, I did both halves together.

Then the bearing blocks… The top block is like any other typical block, one bearing, but this bearing is held in with 4 - 2mm screws. The middle bearing block has a bearing and a thrust bearing much like the blade grips! Ok, this is new… There is a metal “box” (cap?) that holds the thrust bearing, brass spacer, and radial bearing. The bottom bearing block is setup the same way. The thrust bearings need to be greased and the 2mm screws Loctite. Then the 3 bearing blocks are mounted loosely to the left side frame. Next the boom clamp and rear stiffener are built and installed again loosely. Install the landing gear blocks with frame spacers, and build the landing gear. The landing gear is bigger than normal, beefier! The right side frame is finally joined to the left built up side. The instructions tell you (instruct) to use the mainshaft as an alignment tool when tightening the screws. I’ve done this type of alignment for years.

I use a “zig-zag” tightening pattern, like a car tire or cylinder head on an engine block, to assure a very perfect alignment. Once all the frame screw are tight, the mainshaft should slide out on its own weight. Then tighten all the other frame screws. The instructions call for installing the main gear, mainshaft, swashplate, and head. There is a brass washer that in squeezed in between the bottom of the main gear and the top of the bottom bearing block. I had to loosen the bottom block in order for it to fit. Once the block was tightened, there is no slop in the mainshaft.

I bolted the landing gear on…this thing is heavy duty!!! Then I installed the swashplate and head, as any other heli. I test fitted the motor mount and support block while I wait for the funds to arrive to purchase the motor, ESC, blades, and Spartan controller. I assembled the battery tray, no biggie there, and now I’m pretty much done while waiting for the rest of the “stuff” I need to finish this heli.

After thoughts…

It’s killing me waiting for my tax return to arrive! My buddy received his in 7 days. Mine? 13 days and counting! And according to the “track your refund”, states it could take up to 21 days. I may not have my 766 ready for the B-Ham fun fly this year. Oh well…what can you do? Wait…

Until next time…
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